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Could you give us an update on when these might be dropping?
I have added the shot cotton collection by Rowan as another possibly more economical option to this discussion . It's definitely worth looking into. Unfortunately I DO NOT have access to wholesale information. Maybe you could check it out n your end. It retails for $4.50 per 1/2 yd where I was per chasing it.
Thanks Lisa!
We've spoken with Oakshott and they're interested in working with us, but they're currently behind on production so we won't see them be available to us for months (or longer).
We just got back from Quilter's Market (wohoo!) and have some exciting Shott cottons that will be featured on Massdrop soon, thanks for contributing :)
I hope you wait until June :) I have already spent my sewing budget for this month! lol
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This light range of colors would be a nice stash addition