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I can't believe someone would vote for the BD T90 over the DT 1990 Pro. It's not even close. The 1990 is the best BD headphone I have ever listened to, and I have listened to pretty much the entire current lineup.
Hd 700 is 430 on amazon lets go.
Lets hope the HD800 get a price drop because HD 800S came out.
This is a no brainer. The HD 800's are so ridiculously expensive, even a mass discount will barely make a dent in the price. PLUS, to just be able to drive those headphones properly, you need a pretty kickass and powerful headphone amp.
The contest here really is between the Senheiser HD 650, the Beyers and the AKG K702's. All decently priced and all reference level headphones featuring in all the top lists consistently
Kind of agree to an extent. Except I would throw HE-400i into the mix. No real reason to try and have some 702 drops when they already have the 7xx. HD650s, beyers, and HE would easily be more of my top 3.
Just sell your kidney, so simple !
The question is which headphone would you want for less than 700. If they show up here for 700 or even 800, id buy them. And maybe a few of you too?
Hope springs eternal in those with more heart than . . .
Maybe they think Massdrop can pull off a miracle.
People do realize hd800s are $1500 and will never be sub $700. right?