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Now Available!

Thanks to NMBigfoot for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Massdrop x MiTo SA Pulse Custom Keycap Set available.

YanboDrop Buyer

Massdrop x MiTo SA Pulse Custom Keycap Set

Massdrop x MiTo SA Pulse Custom Keycap Set

Penumbra (Solarized) · [CTRL]ALT
793 votes
PuLSE SA Keyset > Pimp My Keyboard
323 votes
Calm Depths Keycap Set
154 votes
138 votes
Symbiosis > Pimp My Keyboard
110 votes
by a community member
101 votes
Commando 23 Keycap Set
71 votes
Modern Selectric > Pimp My Keyboard
61 votes
Nuclear Data Green Old-Skool SA Row 3 Keycaps > Pimp My Keyboard
59 votes
SA "1976" Keycap Set -
57 votes
GMK Red Alert + Olivette
by Andrew
36 votes
"Hack'd by Geeks" Keyset - Full Contour SA
35 votes
Purple Heart (SA Row 3 Keycaps) > Pimp My Keyboard
27 votes
ISO version of any of the above :3
by Dominic
22 votes
DSA "Deep Space" Keycap Set
16 votes
Acid Rain ABS SA Keyset > Pimp My Keyboard
12 votes
DCS Translucent Keycap Sets
by Michael
12 votes
SA Jukebox Keycap Set -
9 votes
Filco Double Shot Keycaps
by Hyde
8 votes
something that fits a kbt race 2 ;_;
7 votes
GMK Classic Beige
by a community member
5 votes
SA Retro - [CTRL]ALT
5 votes
Danger Zone SA Keycap Set Drop - Massdrop
by a community member
0 votes