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ESEE 6 the best.
Why is this so old and inactive? Its been so long since this was started and reached 200 votes.
Agree Esee 6 is a bit big and there's not much the 6 can do that the 4 (or B.O.B.) cannot. Too small for chopping and too big for other tasks to justify the bulk and weight.
ESEE 6 is too big people! If you're going to be stuck in a survival situation with one knife, you want it to be a size that you can use for all kinds of tasks. The ESEE 4 is better suited for that. Be it slicing up food, cleaning game, preparing firewood(use batoning vs hacking away), the smaller size is going to lend itself better to these tasks not to mention be lighter and less interfering with your movement.
That being said, it's only 2.75" difference between the 4 and the 6 haha. Anyways, just thought I'd share my thoughts on that.
On another note, ESEE knives are backed by a fantastic lifetime warranty and will repair or replace your knife under pretty much any circumstance if it is damaged.
I agree I own a gerber lmf2 for my Bob also comes with a life time warranty
FROZEN ! Thank you everyone for your vote .... now we know which are the best survival knives out there!
Frozen? What does that mean?
Haha who added the Opinel 10 folder to this list? I hope that was a joke...
More votes!
Here is Chris from PREPAREDMIND101 discussing some of the Survival (Chopper) Knifes we have on this poll
Added the Fox Parang Bushcraft. Made in Italy of N690 steel. I have this knife and it's awesome.
That BK9 looks awesome, SARPEDON thank you for sharing your pics.
Just added a few blades: Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri; Viper Fate; Cold Steel Recon Scout; Cold Steel Trail Master
I have all these knifes and can recommend them all. Especially the Kukri. Its big, but everybody should have one :D
Overall I would go for the Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri, the Becker BK 9 and the Buck Hood Hoodlum.
Carbon Steel is great for modding too. (Mustard Patina, etc.)

If you guys think that another top of the line survival knife absolutely needs to be in the list please add it.
Thank great poll !!
Good poll!