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Just got my twsbi vac mini and im impressed with the ink capacity still it writes smooth and if you have normal hands you can use it unposted. Most reviewers say its impossible unposted but now since i have it i don't know how big their hands actually are. i can only recommend this pen to you its a pleasure to write with (especially if you get yourself glittery ink i have the Emerald of Chivor in it and its awesome :D )
The Vac 700R is the improved revision to the Vac 700.
Vac mini still my winner . Same ink capacity as a 580, but vac fill, and a functional, postable cap.
There is a company who makes very nice fountain pens. Unfortunately it's hard to show 1 modele in particular from the way their website is designed. But I think it would be a great addition.
I really like the addition of the Edison Beaumont pneumatic filler to this vote. It's really a nifty design, but I'm not sure if Brian would go for doing something like that with a Massdrop, unless it was for a limited drop.
You just have to make sure to unscrew the cap for long writing periods.
Most of them do have a double ink chamber like that - though you can remove the second o-ring to make it one-chamber.
The new versions of both the vac 700r and the vac mini (which has no indicator for the new model) don't have that second o-ring anymore so you have to unscrew the end but usually i leave it open all the time and never had leaking or accidental piston pulls during traveling. So just letting you know TWSBI reinforced the sealing overall on these new models but the piston sealing is now a single fat o-ring so there is no smaller one to take off now ;)
Vacuum fillers aren't too common, but it's an interesting mechanism that gives great ink-capacity in a small package.