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Hahahaha, my vote is with the "Potatoe". I hear it's really grows on you, especially if you leave it on the kitchen counter for a few months with out touching it!
After considerable time and effort, we have figured out how to answer this poll is the best way possible. You wanted a Potatoe, we present you with this:
If you are more interested in Team Brick, feel free to choose between these very viable products!
Excellent work.
i can't believe someone had the audacity to add the Ouya to the list.
Can we delete this poll. Clearly no one is taking it seriously since a potato is one of the options...
I'm taking it *very* seriously. We are looking into getting FDA certification so that we can do regular potatoe drops, as well as other perishable goods so that we can serve the prepper niche.
Sample unit has arrived. Just waiting on those 200 votes to start the photography and copywriting process.
I'd like to inquire as to your testing methods for determining if potatoes are quality products worth doing a drop for. As the proud owner of a potato, I - personally - can see why, but I think it's important that you involve the community further.
Upon disabling all the unavailable items (I shed a tear while disabling the gamecube), potatoe is now the first place option with 44 votes.
If we can get at least 200 votes on the potatoe I'll see about sourcing them. Biggest hurdle will be the FDA approval required to sell produce but we've done crazier things to make buys happen.
Potatoe 4 lyfe.
So, we can't get the Xbox One or the PS4 at any discount.... ever. That said, if you guys get enough votes for the potato, we can totally list that.
It's impossible to get a drop on these because they are already sold with barely any margin of profit to Microsoft to begin with. The money they make comes from advertisements and game licensing. Stores like Gamestop don't exactly get wholesale pricing on these either, so we certainly won't. Just buy a PC so you won't have to pay out the ass for the games themselves. My vote goes to the potato.
My life is potatoe.
The cost to manufacture both the PS4 and Xbox One is barely under their MSRP. I used to do purchasing for a company and unless we were buying thousands of units our buy price on video games and consoles was only a few dollars under the MSRP. Unfortunately big box is the way to go on these products. They will always have the best prices due to their buying power.
Xbox one was $450 with free Titanfall. Fry's has it for 460 including Titanfall and Forza. It's 449 at Walmart with Forza.
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Thank you brother.