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Mar 2, 2017
Some interesting info on the U4-SE on this page:
The relevant post:
" Hello everyone, I just wanted to drop in and post some more information about the U4-SE... Impedance: 12Ω @ 1kHz Sensitivity: 116dB/mW Frequency Response: 10Hz - 20kHz The U4-SE features a dual-bore design which combines dual low drivers and a single mid driver into one bore and a single high driver into a second trumpeted bore, much like the older V-Series Qi model which was the inspiration for this special edition.  What's unique about the U4-SE is that the low and mid frequencies are fed directly into the ADEL bore, meaning that pneumatic pressure can be absorbed by the ADEL module before sound even reaches your ear canal. The U4-SE was an experiment of ours with making the ADEL module and technology even more interactive with the sound before exiting the IEM and, coupled with a few minor changes to damping and crossover components, produces a sound signature that is unique when compared to the standard U4 or the older Qi.  The Special Edition model offers a touch less bass than a standard U4 or Qi... but a nice upper-mid bump and greater high-end extension, giving a more balanced and brighter sound signature.  - Chris "

It still doesn't delve into a comparison in sound between the U4-SE and the U5, however.
But the U4-SE does seem to be unique.
The rep on describes the U4-SE as having touch less bass than the U4. If the U4 is known as a basshead IEM, that hints to me that the U4-SE will still be bassy. Probably bassier than the U5. But the elevated treble may subjectively balance that out. Who knows?
I'm wondering if it's worth it if I already have the U10. I definitely don't need the U5 if they are a baby version of the U10 (which I find to not have enough bass for my tastes, although it otherwise sounds great).
What I'd really love to see, though, is a drop for the U6. Any chance of that happening?
P.S. - With the U4-SE described as a predecessor to the U4, and the rep describing them as an "experiment," and the fact that the U4-SE does not show up on the website, and that this particular driver configuration does not show up in any of the other U series IEMs, I wonder if this design didn't pan out. Either sound wise, or in terms of production methods. I don't know, but all these elements together gives me some pause. It suggests a road that lead to a dead end. Still, the idea is intriguing.
Short of some solid reviews, it seems like a shot in the dark.
Mar 2, 2017
Mar 3, 2017
Hi K.T.N, the reason the U4-SE is described as a predecessor is because the driver arrangement is inspired by the popular V-Series Qi model. This model was developed for a special edition production run to offer a different flavor of sound in the 4 driver model price range. We've exclusively sold this model through Massdrop. The U4-SE was also included in the previous drop and anybody thats interested can find first hand feedback by looking back through this discussion thread.
Regarding comparison between the U5 and the U4-SE sound signature, the U5 features a reference neutral sound signature (similar to U10) and the U4-SE offers slightly elevated bass, a nice upper-mid bump and smooth highs.
Mar 3, 2017
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