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Sep 23, 2022
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Sound is great for the price, although-
I wouldn't consider myself a true audiophile but my family is full of them so I'd say my standards are slightly higher than the average Joe thanks to their influence. Sound quality is great for the price range, only thing I can compare it to that's in the same range is my Sennheiser HD 58x, I got this to have something with a little more bass than the 58x (since that's an open back) for when I'm listening to specific types of music where I'm expecting the bass to be more pronounced, which this definitely does excel in that department but not to an overwhelming extent either. The overall build quality is really nice too, definitely a lot of bling for the price. People tend to think they're in the $400+ price range from looks alone and I get complimented on them quite often too, so if aesthetic/looks matter to you and it's your style then that's definitely a good selling point there as well. My only real complaint would be the ear pads, not as big or comfortable (actually uncomfortable for me) as I was expecting at this price point, they started flaking/shedding within the first week of use and from my experience it's a bit more difficult to remove them and put replacement pads on compared to other headsets, so I'd recommend getting some 90mm pads along with this if you're wanting these to be your daily drivers as well as a higher quality cable. With that being said you'll end up spending at least another $40-$60 on these for them to be worth using consistently so keep that in mind. TLDR: Great if you care about bling/looks and also want some extra bass but expect to replace the pads in a week.
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