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78 Key Mechanical Keyboard

78 Key Mechanical Keyboard

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Jun 17, 2016
I would be curious where to buy this keyboard. I haven't seen it anywhere else but here. Was it a special production made just for MassDrop?
Sep 1, 2015
Aug 9, 2015
Looks like a chinese piece of shit. Oh wait it is.
""The more telling aspect in this case is that you claim tai-hao is Taiwanese, rather than Chinese. Making the initial comment all the more ignorant.""
This is hardly ignorant yet perfectly relevant fact. Most of the well known high quality Keyboards/Caps from that area come from Taiwan specifically rather than just mainland China.
"Owning both vortex and tai-hao doubleshots, I can confirm that the tai-hao are very slightly thinner, however I've not noticed any difference in feel at all."
It looks far than just a hair but pictures can be deceptive, if you ever have a chance i would LOVE a direct photo comparison!
""Kailh switches, which I haven't used myself, seem to be hated on more for not being cherry than any viable reason. Razer seems to be doing quite well with them.""
Multiple points to make on this comment. Firstly i have no direct hate for Kailh switches per say, it's just that generally speaking the switches are used on low cost cheaper boards. It's not a fault of the switches themselves as if you were to put them on a higher quality board Ducky,KUL,Filco etc they would likely gain a better reputation quickly. Razer is doing well in terms of sales sure but with their marketing and retail physical presence that's no real shocker. In terms of QC Razer is not well looked upon in the mk Community,there are near daily threads of failing switches on Razer boards in any major MK forum including the #1 MK community online Reddit. To be fair though Razer switches while made by Kailh are made to Razer specs different than a typical kailh switch and this could have a part to play (And or the iffy razer QC as of late).
Suggesting a product is shit because it's from a region generally known for shit build quality has not a damn thing to do with race as much as it does location. Certain areas of the world simply have higher quality products/services than other areas this isn't a racial thing Mr SJW. Tai-Hao really has never made a standout well built stellar Keyboard as a company, they are FAR more known for their Keycaps. Now that said as i pointed out in my earlier comment several high quality Keyboards DO come out of Taiwan specifically...Tai-Hao on the other hand isn't really known for that as a company. I'm sure BMW could make you a refrigerator but it's not exactly what they are known for either.
Either way my big nitpick with you is that you associate region generally known for bad build quality of a product = racism? That has to be the SJW Quote of the month.
It's really no different than someone saying they would much rather receive cancer treatments at Boston General rather than a hospital in Iran. Does it mean ALL of Irans medical care is crap? Nope. Does it mean the people are bad people? Nope. Does it make the Patient Racist for stating most Hospitals in Iran are shit compared to ones in the US? Nope.
I expect next to hear the case that Black Licorice is racist because most people think it is disgusting so candy companies surely must be racist for making it black.
Aug 11, 2015
LiquidEvilGamingCalling me, of all people a SJW, is hilarious to me.
But to clarify, something being "known for" something, doesn't make it true. such an absolutely staggering amount of manufacture is done in China these days that if it were as universally shit as the general consensus would suggest, everything would be constantly broken garbage.
Regardless, I think we're delving needlessly deep into simple ignorance. He took a jab, I took a jab. The original comment was utterly pointless and unnecessary, perhaps I chose the wrong way of expressing that opinion if it drew this kind of response.
Aug 7, 2015
Anybody have a link to this where I can purchase this? This prob wont get enough backs for it to go through. Interested in buying. Any links appreciated. Or anything similar priced/mini/rgb. Thanks fellas.
Aug 7, 2015
A 55 dollar mechanical keyboard with PBT Key Caps, and it's smaller than a TKL with snake, explosion, and fade lighting, where that exists if you pay for more like a Ducky Keyboard.
I would gladly buy this if it weren't for the MOQ. I am glad the seller have atleast tried and see if anyone would grab this. It's a unique keyboard. This caught my eye easily for the price and I strangely like Rainbow lighting, but there's just better options by just paying 50 dollars more for a POK3R keyboard with Cherry Mx Switches.
I hope for the best of this seller. Lighting options and Gateron switches would be nice to see more on unique drops.
Aug 6, 2015
I have had some parcels that have had some parcels no charge and some with a small charge (equivalent to what VAT would be on the type of object). It looks like there would be no customs charge though:
Aug 6, 2015
I wanted to like Kaith switches but inevitably several keys don't click. Get a non clicky version if you can or be disappointed.
Very interesting keyboard. Looks like it's layout is slightly inspired by the Filco Minila with those arrow keys and the small shift key but with a standard sized spacebar and a function row. Seems like a decent keyboard for the price, only problem would be finding keycaps for the 1U Ctrl, Alt and Shift keys.
Aug 3, 2015
What is "MOQ?"
Aug 3, 2015
SeekmeMinimum Order Quantity. If we don't get 150 people committed in the next 7 days, nobody gets a keyboard.
Aug 3, 2015
Signed up, but I don't think this is gonna hit MOQ.
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