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True wireless is here to stay—but so far, no single pair of TWS earphones translates equally well across all use cases. Taking one step closer to the ideal TWS daily driver for every application, Angry Miao has created the CYBERBLADE Read More
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Mar 21, 2023
I can tell you from personal ownership, I love my Cyberblades. My name is Wikkimanoyeah on instagram and WikkiWikki420 on GH. Having committed to the Angry Miao world of No Wires. Keyboards and headphones. I wouldn't be surprised if a wireless Angry Miaouse is in the pipeline. The audio is clear and rich. Fills the highs and really fills out the lows. With the app, you are able to change the colors that are displayed and a few effects to change between. But beyond performance, these things are LOOKERS. There really isn't anything else on the market like the Shell Blacks housing. Best of all, if you are into the style, their keyboards match the styling fantastically. At $249, it feels like they are giving them away. Pick up a pair or two today, but really one pair will keep you listening all day long. The batteries really do deserve a lot of credit. The app for iPhone is the one I used. It is basic in function but everything works as intended. The case functions as a volume knob, which is convenient when gaming and mom comes walking in your room. You should never be caught off guard now. The active noise cancelling, for a companies first implementation, is really good. Though of all aspects of the Cyberblades, the ANC is the only thing that left a little to be desired. Which isn't that big of a deal, as the intended purpose of these surprisingly isn't for on the go listening... they are mainly for gaming. That should tell you that the audio profile is geared as such, but leans more neutral than bass.
Mar 22, 2023
Would be nice to see some more detail regarding battery life estimates. Assuming 75mAh per ear, case provides approx 5 full charges to both ears, would suggest 24 hours / 6 full charges = ~4 hours per charge. If 75mAh is instead the total combined capacity of both ear pieces, the math is a lot less attractive, 10 charges from the case, 24 hours / 11 full charges = ~2.2 hours per charge. How do different noise cancelling modes affect battery life? Usually using a dongle (in this case, the base) instead of bluetooth improves battery life; Is that the case here, and if so, how much?
Hi the ANC will consume about 10% more battery power. The charging dock acts as the dongle but the ASE mode provide three boosters to improve the sound quality which makes CYBERBLADE last 4 hours of battery life.
Mar 22, 2023
Does the integrated volume knob still work for controlling volume when using these in bluetooth mode, or is it only functional when attached to the base and operating in ASE mode?
Mar 22, 2023
ASE mode
Mar 30, 2023
Would this work well with a steam deck, or will it loss all the benefits from the desktop pairing?
The ASE mode actually works for Steam Deck, one of our discord members actually tried it.