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Arozzi Verona Signature Series Gaming & Office Chair

Arozzi Verona Signature Series Gaming & Office Chair

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Product Description
When you sit down in the Arozzi Verona Signature Series Chair, you won’t want to get up. Seated at the pinnacle of Arozzi’s gaming and office chair line, the Verona Signature Series is an upgraded version of fan-favorite Verona V2 Pro Read More
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May 24, 2022
Can anyone compare this chairs comfort to a Secret Lab Titan or Omega chair?
Howdy! Secret Labs does make one of the better chairs in the market today. One thing I can tell you about Secret Labs chairs is that they are made with a harder foam density than Arozzi chairs. From what I have heard and witnessed in trade/expo shows is peoples initial impression of Secret Lab chairs is that they are stiff/hard. I agree. That being said, Arozzi chairs are both comfortable and ergonomic. The density of our chairs are just soft enough, but at the same time supportive. Give us a shot! You wont be disappointed.
May 24, 2022
How hard/soft is the seat and can you slouch in this chair?
Arozzi's chairs are and the medium of hard/soft. They are both comfortable from the first time you sit down as well as supportive. The Verona Signature chair has the ability to recline, rock & lock in any position, and has adjustable headrest and lumbar pillows. That being said, you should be able to sit in any desired position. I slouch in mind more often than not and are able to adjust the backrest and lumbar pillow to support my position.
Jan 29, 2024
You can try all you want to play
Jun 15, 2023
Can the arm rests be moved completely out of the way, being pushed behind the back or dropped to the level of the seat?
Jun 14, 2023
My previous arozzi had a major flaw and I'm wondering if you changed it, is the base of the chair made of plastic or metal. If it's still plastic I highly recommend no one buys this chair, it will warp and destroy your floor