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Arozzi Verona Signature Series Gaming & Office Chair

Arozzi Verona Signature Series Gaming & Office Chair

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When you sit down in the Arozzi Verona Signature Series Chair, you won’t want to get up. Seated at the pinnacle of Arozzi’s gaming and office chair line, the Verona Signature Series is an upgraded version of fan-favorite Verona V2 Pro Read More

May 25, 2022
Edit: Tex at Arozzi reached out after reading my initial comments. He was very understanding and made it very clear that he wanted to make things right in any way he could. He kept me updated on bi-daily basis on his efforts which is more than I received from anyone during my last experience, so it's clear he wanted to make sure my past grievances were thoroughly addressed. He and Arozzi are going through the effort to provide me with a new, high end chair from their company to make up for any past negative experiences, and While I haven't received the chair yet, I am happy with the efforts put forward to make things right. These are actions of a company that's now putting care and effort into their customers experience which is far more then I could say previously. Things at a company can change a lot in a couple of years. Take my Previous comments with a grain of salt. If the quality of the products now matches the quality of service shown to me over our discussions, Then I believe many people will be happy with the drops for their products given the prices offered. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This appears to use a similar chair base to the original AROZZI VERONA drop. As an owner of the original, Buyers Beware. Every single piece of their old model failed. Legs broke off after 1 year, metal base under the seat cracked after another 6 months. Another few months after, the arm cushions are. The Reclining lock failed before all of that. So when leaning back with even moderate pressure, the back to drops entirely. It took multiple months of trying to get Arozzi to replace parts while I was still under warranty. When they eventually did send something, it was the incorrect part entirely and their support team proceeded to ghost any further communication. While there is a chance this chair is higher quality, I would not support this company or their practices. For this price point you can get a premium chair from any other brand on the market without any of the risk this would come with. Use your money wisely.

KayonzoHowdy Kayonza, Thank you for your input on this. I can not defend the original Verona Chair or the Customer service you experienced (as it was before my time in taking over the US operations as the VP of Arozzi, and formally as the Senior Tech Buying Manager at Massdrop/ The original Verona chair for sure had its issues. We are no longer producing ANY chairs from the factory that produced the Original Verona Line. Since then, we have launched the Verona V2 & Pro V2. The Verona Signature Lineup is the 3rd version in this family of chairs. It is made in our top of the line factory along with the Vernazza and Primo models. They are of much better build quality. Also, the customer service team now responds and solves all customer service issues within 2 business days of initial contact with the customer. I personally check this to make sure customer service is priority and is handled properly. I do apologize for your experience and would like to make it up to you in some way. If you would like to contact me please send an email to and ask for me. Arozzi stands behind its products and customer service is absolutely our top priority. I hope you will give me the opportunity to right the wrong. Thank you.
Howdy Everyone! B.Hutch here. Arozzi is back! If you have any questions please ask!
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