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Artifact Bloom Series Keycap Set: Dusk

Artifact Bloom Series Keycap Set: Dusk

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Aug 27, 2020
For Artifact Bloom Series Keycap Set, here is the compatibility sheet that the community can refer to: Also, adding an image here that provides more information on row numbers and keycap size.

Jul 14, 2021
What is the size of the WKL CTRL and ALT? 1.5u? If so, how do we add it to our order?
Mar 24, 2021
Is this set limited? Or will it continuously be produced?
Not limited
Mar 10, 2021
Will it fit this layout? Do I need any add-ons? Sorry if I'm asking something really obvious but this is the first time I'm making my own custom keyboard so it's all new stuff to me.

it will work
Jan 8, 2021
Does anyone know how thick these are? In mm preferably.
around 1.56mm
Jan 3, 2021
Will it work with Vortex Race 3?
Jan 21, 2021

The ESC and Delete key are problems.
Jan 2, 2021
Are the alphanumeric characters translucent? So, will LED backlighting show through?
Jan 5, 2021
No, they're solid black. Dye-subbed means the keycap plastic is dyed for the key legends, there's no way for it to be translucent. Your backlight will just shine through the gaps between keycaps with these ones.
Dec 8, 2020
Note: My previous comment seems to have been deleted, so I apologize if this is showing twice. Hey @kunalkumar @Kevin , Thanks for keeping us updated on this issue. I also got the Carnival set instead of the Dusk set that I ordered and I was curious: do we need to submit a ticket/request somewhere in order to get our proper Dusk set, or will these be sent out automatically to those of us who were apart of this round of the Dusk buy? Furthermore, will our current transaction be where we see the update/shipping status of this new set or will a new transaction be created in our "Transactions" section with a new order # and such? Thanks again for keeping us all posted!
Hi, you should've received an email from us on Dec 29th. You are part of the batch of replacement keycap sets that are on the way to us. As soon as they are processed, we'll be dispatching them to you. We should be receiving an update on the shipment delivery date soon and we'll send out another email out.
Jan 12, 2021
Awesome, thank you for checking for me. And you are correct, I checked again after I read your message and was able to find it. I look forward to the next update, and thanks again for being on top of this issue!
Hi everybody, Due to a labelling error two keycap sets got mixed up. The Dusk purchasers were sent the Carnival and vice versa. We've got a shipment coming in from the vendor that we'll use to correct this issue. Everyone will receive the correct set and will get to keep the wrongly label set as well. Please hang tight as I get an idea on ship dates and we'll keep everyone apprised. Let me know if you have any questions here. Thanks! Update Dec 29, 2020: Our warehouse has gone through the unshipped inventory and is almost done sorting and making sure all labels match the keycap set. We'll starting shipping the replacement units and the first orders will go out later this week. These orders are being shipped on a first in first out basis, meaning that if you were the first person to place the order your replacement will be shipping out first. After this inventory in our warehouse is all shipped, there will still be 128 orders for the Dusk keycap set that would require replacements. These replacement sets have already been manufactured by the vendor in a new production run and are being sent over to Drop Warehouse. We expect these to arrive at the warehouse on January 10, 2021, and we'll be turning these around immediately for the replacement shipments. The January 10th date is an estimate and I'll provide another update closer to that date regarding the status of the remaining replacements. Edit: Our Support Team has emailed the list of 128 orders. If you haven’t received an email from us, your order will be shipping out soon. Update Jan 14, 2021: We are getting the delivery of the replacement units tomorrow at the warehouse. After that it will take around 2-3 business days for the inventory to be sorted and counted. We expect to start shipping the replacement units by end of next week and I'll follow up later next week with another update. Update Jan 26, 2021: As of today all replacements to accommodate the labeling error made by the vendor have been shipped. Enjoy the two sets and thanks for your patience.
Hi, all the orders from the batch were shipped on time. There was a labelling issue that we are dealing with and everyone part of the batch has been receiving updates from us. Everyone part of that batch will be receiving the set they ordered and the mislabelled set. Here is my update post: Could you please review the transactions and update emails at your end? If you would like to share your transaction ID with me, I can look it up. My email is Thank you. Edit: And a very Happy New Year to you.
Jan 4, 2021
You have an email :) Thanks in advance and Happy New Year for you too!
Dec 5, 2020
Very much not the same as advertised...

Dec 7, 2020
@kunalkumar @Kevin it seems a lot of people got shipped the wrong set. The label on the box says "purple gradient" but the actual keycaps are different. Is there any way we could be sent the correct set?
Yep looks like a labeling mistake of the whole batch. Hang tight, you will all get the proper set sent to you and you get to keep the wrong one. So it’s an unintentional buy one get one deal.
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