Artisan Hien Mid Mouse Pad
Artisan Hien Mid Mouse Pad
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Break the Surface

When you let your mouse scurry across any old surface, you’re opening up yourself to a field of entanglements that serves only to bog down your function. To streamline your computing set-up and add a simply beautiful accessory, move your mouse over an Artisan Hien Mid Mouse Pad and never be held back by surface conditions again.

Only Medium Sizing!

Maximize Movement

The surface features a navy blue exterior, colored with pigment ink instead of dye ink to avoid the inconsistencies and bumps that bad dye jobs bring. Made from an amundsen polyester texture, the mid weight pad allows for fast initial motion, outstanding stability, and the ideal balance between light gliding and full stopping. You’ll never get dragged down at a quick turn or catch a surface bump, as the pad has been uniformly optimized across the entire surface area.

Mouse Prowess

Moving to the middle, the Hien features single bubble rubber foam for a thin cushion that provides a little bounce back. Down at the bottom, anti-slip embossing ensures that your mouse pad stays exactly where it should. A minimally designed mouse pad that looks simply elegant, the Artisan Hien Mid Mouse Pad brings you a whole new world of function with a side of stunning fashion.

  • Artisan
  • Surface: amundsen polyester texture
  • Middle layer: single-bubble rubber foam
  • Bottom: anti-slip embossing
  • Hardness: mid
  • Medium - 31.5 x 24.5 x 3 mm

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