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Before the inane comments about price hit the discussion: Yes this is full list price No it's not a problem No Drop isn't screwing people AD is super hardcore about MAP on their top of the line products, violating MAP can/will get you blacklisted. If you aren't familiar with MAP and distribution agreement limitations feel free to ask.
Nov 25, 2020
ElectronicVicesDrop is giving you 12500 points on this purchase, which is about $125 off your next purchase. So that's a nice added benefit of buying here...
tbjsAgreed, I just wanted to get ahead of the brigading crap that happens every time a headphone pops up with no direct discount on sales price. The discussion section stops being relevant and turns into a complaint fest by people who were never interested in the headphone to begin with.
Nov 26, 2020
tbjsAnother added nuance is one month wait, which means you're unlikely to get them in time for this year holidays. Otherwise yeah, not a problem
Nov 26, 2020
ElectronicVicesAnd they are freaking expensive with no break in price. Plus someone mentioned the dull sound. Not a good deal all around.
DetonNationYou got a link to someone else offering more store credit or advertising a lower price?
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