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Nov 18, 2017
At this price point, I don't understand why it is not balance output.
Nov 19, 2017
dcoffe01Why do people think XLR makes things sound better? Half of these "balanced" amps that people jump on because of an XLR output jack aren't fully balanced amplification. Besides that, even proper balanced amplification itself is going to do very, very little in the way of improving things unless your power supply is crap, your wiring is stupidly long, or you're in a minefield of radio waves.
To put things in perspective, you're still "only" getting a single ended amplifier when you spend 11,000 EUR on a Lampizator GM70. Balanced amplification is a design topology. It's not required to make a better amplifier. It doesn't instantly make something better or worse
Nov 19, 2017
ProfessorPatIt's the way the acronym "XLR" slides off the tongue. Anything that sounds that nice and smooth absolutely has to sound better, even if no one truly understands what it is or what it does.
It's pure marketing nonsense to an ignorant clientele. Incidentally, this has always been and continues to be what fuels the world of "high-technology" in general.
Oct 15, 2021
ProfessorPatBecause of marketing BS people with no knowledge in basic engineering and audio. Its just overall perceivement as being better as well as stereotype, just the way it its. One brand is better than the other brand because its brand A over B even though B is better than A. Matter of luxury having to pay more. But for me, no matter what for the high price tag, I would want a fully balance amp having the option to choose our offering and convenience.
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