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Oct 1, 2014
Is the gain adjustable in any way? I have a pair of IEMs and a pair of AKG K712s, and may wish to upgrade to a higher impedance model somewhere down the road, so I'm wondering if I can change it in any way.
Also, will the gain affect the RCA jacks, or are they always +6db/2vrms no matter what?
pieman3141RCA output can be either fixed (stock config) or variable. You need to select what you want at check out. Stock gain is fine for your headphones. Only consider high gain if you use HE-500 (rare). Only consider low gain if you use ultra-sensitive IEMs.
Oct 1, 2014
CEntranceI have Grado RS-2i, Westone 2 and Beyer Custom One Pro. Do you recommend the low gain mod? While the low gain mod will benefit low impedance IEMs, will it affect the sound quality when paired with headphones of higher impedance. Your kind advise, please.
mannfaiI think that stock gain is just fine. In the old days we used a cheaper volume pot that didn't offer good inter-channel tracking at low volume settings. The low gain mod was invented to offset that. Since then we made a design change and for several years now, we've been using the most expensive ALPS pot for volume adjustment, which offers very good tracking, making the low gain mod unnecessary for most practical purposes.
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