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Mar 21, 2019
DaArtCanary with iOS Devices To pair with iOS devices, you will need the Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter Apple MK0W2AM/A  ( and follow this sequence: 1 - plug the USB-Lightning cable to a power source. 2 - plug the lightning to the adapter 3 - plug the adaptor to the iOS device 4 - last, plug the DAC USB to the adapter Recommendations:
  • Some audiophile apps run better if started after the previous steps.
  • The iOS volume must be at max and accessibility audio configurations set to default (balance at middle position) for bit perfect play - required for DSD play.
  • Guess it's suitable for any external powered DAC.
Tested on iPhone SE, iPhone7 running Tidal and Neutron Player (DSD). Is only me loving this DAC every day a little more?
Mar 21, 2019
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