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Jan 31, 2022
Why would the following have such a phenomenal difference using the DV 336SE? Please see below: My signal chain is as follows: Qobuz/Tidal iMac 2021 USB -C Audioquest USB Cable ifi iPurifier3 SMSL SU-9 (DAC/Pre) Audioquest RCA DV 336SE AudioQuest RCA SMSL SH-9 THX AAA Linear Amp Audioquest Custom 6.35mm Stereo to Dual Mono 6.35mm UA Volt 276 Speakons Mackie BST 15's Powered Mackie DSM 18 Sub This sounded so awesome and can easily remove drywall nails at volume (actually true)! I, one day, mistakenly plugged my output cable from the SMSL Amp inadvertently directly to the DV 336SE Headphone out, bypassing the SMSL Amp. The sound was even warmer and much more intense coming straight out of the DV headphone jack. I moved my BD DT 1990's to the Headphone jack out of the UA Volt 276 and discovered something phenomenal... Listening to an audiophile class open back headphones with percussive musical impact around you IS the missing concert experience with headphones! My question was: Why would that move make SUCH a difference? I get the whole line level conversation, but the signal coming off the DV 336SE headphone jack has 30-40% more current coming off of it compared to the RCAs.
Nov 30, 2022
Bass-HeadPerhaps higher impedance (resistance) from he jack causing the tubes to work harder? Guessing though.
Feb 10, 2024
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