Drop CTRL High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Drop CTRL High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard

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Nov 27, 2021
Does this keyboard need to be assembled by itself? Can I use this keyboard directly?

Nov 21, 2021
Finally found out what to do with the other usb-c port. Another POWER SOURCE! The lights were kinda dim with just the once source going to the PC, however it is a 6-ft cable and I have not tested the amperage coming out of that port. Other than that, the keyboard feels like quality af. Perhaps a little more chamfer on the inside edges and better lighting on the sides. The lighting is non continuous which makes it look cheap.
Fixed the keys out of place here.
Oct 23, 2021
how long will the promotion go when you build your own?
Oct 6, 2021
It's too tall off of desk and the spacebar rattles like crazy from the stabilizers.
Aug 27, 2021
When are Drop going to release the next versions of Ctrl, Alt and Shift? These boards are outdated and way overpriced compared to what you can get now, custom or prebuilt.
Apr 29, 2021
It´s kinda hard for me to like this keyboard, here is why:
  • It is hot-swappable but there is a drawback, It only supports a three pin switch configuration, So if you are working with a 5 pin switch, You are going to have to chip the two plastic legs off your the switch.
  • The keycaps are decent I guess and they did go the right way by using PBT plastic.
  • The weight of the case is 4.25 pounds which isn´t bad for a keyboard like this but there are keyboards cheaper than this and are heavier.
  • The case quality is ok, but there was some dents inside the case but this is kinda like a $70 aftermarket case, so I am still waiting for the rest of the $180 in this keyboard ( Spoiler alert, the rest of the $180 isn´t in this keyboard )
  • The legends on the keycaps are a bit below the average, Im not sure what transfer method they used to print on the legends but yeah it´s decent I guess.
  • The stabilizers are very dissapointing, They are very rattly and are not pre clipped or pre lubed, So one suggestion if you are going to buy this keyboard PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE lube the stabs if you want a tutorial on how to lube them watch this.

  • But there is one pretty cool feature about this keyboard and that is the RGB, The light is PERFECT, mostly because of the side lighting which looks really nice.
But overall I wouldn´t recommend this keyboard mostly because It´s pretty overpriced because like I said, I am waiting on the rest of that $180 sooooooooo yeah. Don´t Buy This (pls)
Apr 3, 2021
Well while I loved the case and design, the pcb may have some issues. Both of my CTRL keyboards exhibit the same issue. Disconnects. Unplugging the usb cable and plugging it back reconnects. It occurs while typing and when I am not. I have low and high profile versions and the high profile version does it more. It is 8 months old. Tried new cables., powers usb hubs, LEDs off. After reading about other similar issues which were resolved by replacement only I guess I will either pay $60 for a new pcb and roll the dice or just make this a display and non useful keyboard. Drop apologized for not having a technical support option. I can understand if they just resold other products but when they manufacture their own products I would expect better support and a little more than a 30 day warranty.
Mar 22, 2021
when will the updated 5 pin PCB be released?
Mar 8, 2021
Looks awesome. Only one thing that holds me back: I want compatibility with Japanese Mac keyboard. Japanese mac keyboards have two extra keys around the space bar to switch between input method, as in the linked image. These keys are *not* the same as for Japanese *Windows* Keyboards: if you plug a Jp Win kb on macos you get a bunch (=4) of dead keys, and need to press shift+space to switch between methods (this is real shame on my other mechanical, not-so-much-configurable keyboard) So I was wondering if there is any hope for me to customize the keys so that it works like a Japanese Mac Keyboard, without having to configure equivalent but less convenient shortcuts: at this price I want not compromise (and without dead keys here and there) I guess I'll need to 3d print the key caps to get the correct label, but this is fine.,0.5&.v=1496943883242
Feb 22, 2021
Does anyone know if I can configure the light on windows and use the keyboard on linux (fedora)? Will the light be as I configured? or will it be in the "rainbow" mode all the time? Or do the configurator work on linux?
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