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Drop DCD Akatsuki Indigo Keycap Set

Drop DCD Akatsuki Indigo Keycap Set

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Feb 29, 2024
Hi guys, does anyone know what cable is used on this keyboard and where to get it? Looks like it is easily extendable?
Feb 28, 2024
And no colemak or planck option. No thank you!
Feb 27, 2024
Hi, I have a quick question. Are the letters translucent so you see the RGB lights through them?
PinkandGreenGood question. The keycaps are not shine-through compatible. The caps themselves are solid/opaque white, with the indigo color dye-subbed over top.
PinkandGreenIf you are looking for shine-through compatible keycaps, we did just launch some DCL keycap sets which are shine-through (DCL Shadow, DCL Snow).
Now here's a Drop branded keyset that makes perfect sense to me:
  • Print basically lasts forever
  • Excellent kit coverage
  • Great profile
  • Color looks good
I love keysets like this for the balance they strike between aesthetic customization and practical durability; they can make any keyboard a lot more fun without making it more "precious". Said another way, caps like these are perfect daily drivers because they don't show wear like many other types. Dye-sub may not have the mechanical perfection of machined tooling, but the practical durability is unmatched: even the most premium, perfect ABS keys will shine sooner or later (sooner with my hands) - and these will not. I think a $50 MSRP for these is quite fair - competitive, even - especially considering how many layouts this set covers. I might have scratched my head at the coated & ablated DCL caps, but these make a lot more sense to me for the price. Another popular vendor priced their similar product twice as high, and enjoyed lots of positive feedback - if these keys are at all on-par (read: as long as the space bar isn't a banana), I think they stand to become a real staple in the space.
Feb 27, 2024
"Mom, I want ISO!" "We have ISO at home!" 😭
HarvestDayThere is an iso enter that comes with it.
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