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Drop DCX Jasmine Keycap Set

Drop DCX Jasmine Keycap Set

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Sep 20, 2022
Hey everyone, we're excited to announce the release of DCX Jasmine, one of the winners of our community-driven poll for the next DCX Colorway (more in the works from there!). We've also managed to make a couple improvements to the DCX keycap family that will be rolled out with the production of DCX Jasmine. Second 'B' The first update is that we've managed to squeeze an extra 'B' key onto our alphas mold so that there are now 27 letters made with each injection of the mold (all keys are shot on the same mold so this is not trivial to accomplish). This extra 'B' key will accommodate users who are using an Alice layout, or any derivative that also uses a second 'B'. Updated 'Shift' The second update is that we've overhauled (remanufactured) our 'Shift' key molds and replaced them with a newly designed key that slightly shortens the arms on the 'f' and 't' letters, and slightly reduces the spacing between the characters. Each change on its own is fractions of a millimeter, but when combined the result is a more pleasant looking presentation of the 'Shift' modifier.

These changes will first go live with the production of DCX Jasmine, and will affect all subsequent sets. Restocks of older colors (i.e. White on Black, Cyber, etc.) will eventually reflect these changes when inventory is sold and replenished. These are the first changes that we've made to the DCX product line since release and we plan to announce more changes in the coming months. Thanks for your continued interest and feedback!
Aside from "having it now vs maybe months later"? Drop's bread and butter is not people who will care about a 0.5mm gap on the shift key, its the people who if they have a mech board at all, have only ever used a Razer or Corsair. The people who come here after reading an article on The Verge about whatever Drop's latest prebuilt config of the outdated CTRL with its integrated plate and north facing switches is. Enthusiasts aren't buying that thing but yet they still churn them out because people buy it. Those people will buy up the old stock eventually.
It's an interesting quandary, for sure. We wanted to listen to feedback and improve the set, and moreover communicate those improvements sooner than later so that people know we are listening and can make informed decisions. Ultimately, there will be plenty of prospective buyers who aren't interested in waiting for the updated Shift legend or extra B key. Maybe they don't care about it at all, or maybe it's just not worth the wait.
Jul 31, 2023
I really like this set but my favorite, preferred 65% layout has the Home key on R2 and while many keycaps sets have a Home key there this set and other DCX sets don't. That's a miss on the DCX kitting IMO. Otherwise great sets for my non-65% keyboards.
Jan 19, 2023
I have a big request. If anyone seeing this agrees with me, hit the upvote button. We need a R2 with more of the dark green. Either swap the colors of the mods and accents, or give us all dark green. (either way, you could mix and match with the original version) My first DCX set to try and I'm very pleased with the quality of the keycaps.
Dec 15, 2022
What's wrong with Jasmine?? The real keycaps has a totally different color if compare to the render.
Dec 17, 2022
JgoodboyYes the real alphas are light brown color vs render which looks white. The real color is very much off of the render, and disappointing
Dec 1, 2022
It’s a bit sad that there are no novelties or anything else interesting coming with the DCX sets. It’s really just the color.
Is it me or are the pictures a bit blurry?
Sep 27, 2022
This in very pale baby blue color (like Nimbus) and navy legends would be a fantastic colorway! Also, fantastic news on the "Shift" changes.
Sep 21, 2022
Generally not a fan of lighter/pastel color ways, but this one's making me rethink my position. That and the price ... and coverage ... and profile. Dang, Drop, you might just have a winner here. Nicely done.
Sep 21, 2022
Possible to get the "Olivia" colourway on DCX?
Goodness me drop, you again- have my attention. I'd love to see dolch color kits, or an evil dolch. Of course, seeing Mito's Pulse and Laser would be game over. I recently purchased my first DCX and I have been blown away. Now it's just a matter of time to see how long they last. The shine resistance mixture your using is still holding up, let's hope for the best.
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