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Drop Earpads for Panda Wireless Headphone

Drop Earpads for Panda Wireless Headphone

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Whether your earpads feel worn out or you want to upgrade your headphone sound signature, these earpads are a welcome addition. Featured here are four pairs of slow-rebound, high-density memory foam earpads for our Drop + THX Panda Wireless Headphones—made with the same attention to detail found on our custom Sennheiser HD 58X and 6XX earpads Read More
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Mar 9, 2021
I would like to see the headphone frequency response with each set of pads. I would like a better explanation of some of the descriptive jargon. Lower internal reflections: Does this have an effect on imaging, soundstage or what? Tightening the imaging and widening the soundstage: Does tightening just mean better imaging? Wider and more focused soundstage: Is more focused just a better way of saying better imaging? Not sure of difference between this and "Tightening the imaging and widening the soundstage." Tighter soundstage: Relative to original pads? Can you send these pads to outside reviewers so we get more feedback?
Mar 10, 2021
its likely that it would follow the generally guidelines as far as padswapping goes. Zmf does the best description of this and more or less, it will follow the same idea. really the more porous the material is, the more bass and treble detail you typically lose. With closed that is. Open headphones don’t follow the same rule typically. sheepskin: generally has the most natural timbre and provides the most bass. faux leather, is generally under this in the warmth scale. velour absorbs so it typically brings down bass and softens high frequencies to an extent. of course all of this depends on the on the inner dimensions and depth of the pads. Deeper equals more bass and bigger circumference equals more soundstage. Tightening imaging probably refers to the imaging being more precise. I rarely find fenestrated pads that improve closed cans so i would probably stick with solid pads. Fenestrated plays better with open cans usually.
Mar 9, 2021
I'd be happy to make frequency response measurements for all of the pads and post images in an answer/comment if someone were to send me some :)
Mar 8, 2021
What are the interior dimensions?
Mar 9, 2021
To add to this question - does these earpads have a different dimension profile, to make them deeper and avoid ears touching the inside of headphones?
Do the Drop+THX Panda headphone ear-cups come with directions on how to change them? One thing I am seeing by those who have tried to take the original ear-cups off was they are very hard to remove due to some adhesive etc. I would absolutely hate to buy the new Sheepskin ear-cups and I end up breaking my awesome headphones trying to remove the original ear-cups. If they don’t come with directions this should be something you start doing AND/OR make those directions available via an instructional video on the Panda or the Panda Ear-Cups Details or Community section. Looking forward to seeing your reply, until then ..... Safe and Happy Listening. Boomer 🐼 🎧
Mar 10, 2021
There is no adhesive holding the pads on. It’s snapping clips. Easily replaceable and swappable.
Mar 9, 2021
Will these work on the Oppo PM3 as well?
Mar 14, 2021
I wasn't able to get the Panda pads to fit on my PM3. Though it could be a user error thing, I couldn't get any of the tabs to line up or even click in. The outer dimensions are good though, it's the locations of the tabs that seems to be problematic IMO.
Mar 9, 2021
I assume these are made by Dekoni. But it’s not on there website where they usually have an instruction video on how to change pads. How do you remove original pads? As mentioned in an earlier post, don’t want to break my cans.
Mar 15, 2021
You just have to pull pretty hard. I pulled from the sides and there was some tearing sounds as the excessive glue on the stock pads came lose from the plastic clips that hold the pads assembly on. It might be easier to pull from the top or bottom. Once one of the clips comes lose, the whole pad comes out pretty easily.