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Drop + EPOS H3X Gaming Headset

Drop + EPOS H3X Gaming Headset

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Oct 25, 2022
Hey everyone! We are excited to officially launch our latest headset collaboration, the Drop + EPOS H3X Gaming Headset. Improving on EPOS' H3 headset, this closed-back headset is tuned to offer a more reference-like frequency response, as well as features an upgraded hybrid headband and easier-to-use cable. Ostensibly designed for gaming, the headset also is perfect for video/conference calls thanks to its natural sound isolation. Also be sure to check out Techne's review: Techne H3X Review
Jan 3, 2024
Wow ! I got this ones on sale and i was Pleasantly surprise ! , they feel great and the material is of high quality , they sound really good , my only complaint is they do have some clamping force in the head that i guess with time will go away, other than that , amazing !!!
Nov 17, 2023
black friday deals aint that good tbh
Sep 2, 2023
blakie000Doesn't affect our products. We continue to manufacture Drop + EPOS products for the time being and all warranties are honored by both EPOS and Drop.
Dec 9, 2023
Jyri_DropIs the current sale price indication of discontinuation for any reason? I ask because Drop has a habit of offering significant discounts like this as some kind of secret "fire sale" of sorts, then a product isn't made available again. In general, Drop just has a nasty habit of not offering warning for in-stock items being, uh, dropped so people have a chance to prioritize a purchase on something they've been holding off on.
Apr 12, 2023
Can the ear pads be replaced? These types of material tends to deteriorate in tropical conditions from my experience.
Dec 18, 2022
I was looking at purchasing a new pair of headphones for gaming on my Xbox but I could not find any information about these being compatible with consoles.
Jan 18, 2023
Thomw0Apart from the fact they are marketed as a ‘gaming headset’…why would u think they wouldn’t be compatible with consoles?? 🤔
Thomw0For Xbox specifically, you would plug these H3X into the controller. For Switch, PS4, or PS5, you can plug these into the controller or a USB Dongle, or you can use the USB ports to connect really high quality components!
Oct 25, 2022
Would be an instant purchase if these were wireless :(
UPDATE 11.30am PT: The issue is fixed. Thank you for your patience! Quick update. As of 10am PT there is a Shopify outage which affects our 'Add to Cart' function. We are looking into this and will update here as soon as this should work.
Can you try refreshing or using a different browser? We are seeing orders coming through so it should work now.
Oct 25, 2022
Jyri_DropIt was my network, order is in :)
The EPOS PC37X and PC38X are open-back headphones, and this is closed /sealed. That will be useful in co-op offices or other spaces with other people or droning machinery, but will come with some trade-offs to the depth of soundstage and likely some resonance. Sonically, I bet it will be positioned between the existing EPOS and Koss models offered here on Drop, but it might be priced near the PC37X (possibly use the same driver, but more engineering has to go into making closed-backs not sound bad). It will probably have pretty high sensitivity, so it won’t need more than a small amp or a built-in amp (like the ones in laptops or game controllers, though external amps will still be of higher quality). As far as extra features go, I bet it will be similar to the PC37X: wired for better sound quality (bluetooth gaming usually just doesn’t sound good when you add a mic to the mix, though some non-Bluetooth proprietary wireless setups sound better like the EPOS GSP670 and Audeze Penrose, they also cost a significant amount), not have any surround/spatial DSP built in, feature a non-detachable mic that can be flipped up to mute (and get out of the way), and a volume dial that hopefully doesn’t wobble. It looks like it’s all black, too. Those are my predictions, we’ll have to wait and see what is actually offered.
Oct 18, 2022
That graph is looking a bit odd. I'd love some confirmation as to if the final units will have that sort of 400hz to 2k elevation that the 5128 graph is showing.

The rest looks fine. The graph looks like it hhas about a 5db over Harman bass shelf and a bit of a 200hz dip. The upper mids look a bit recessed but in a satisfying amount and the treble looks pretty balanced. But the mids look so elevated it's odd.

Will have to hear it I guess to see if it sounds like it measures.

Price wise it will be under $100, but I'm guessing $80. Which could be very good depending on the mids.

Edit: With the new graph posted vs the H3 (rather than the old graph not compared to anything else) on the same 5128, thanks to the help of someone who I'm not sure if they want to be named dropped, I have mostly confirmed that the graphs oddness is from positional variance. If you look at the Sound Guys H3 graph which looks more "normal" that is with the headphone pulled more forwards and this graph from Jude of head-Fi is pulled more backwards on the Hats. You can also really hear the positional variance when wearing the normal H3. Would love to see a graph showing this positional variance of the H3X on the 5128. The graph with positioning in mind looks fairly promising.
LifelongCabooseOh, I see what you were talking about on Twitter now. Indeed, I think this headphone might be sensitive (tunable?) depending on how you place it around your ears. Placement sensitivity is indeed more common for closed headphones, but yeah I had to find the “sweet spot” for some of my headphones.
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