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Drop Expression Series Matcha Summer Keyboard

Drop Expression Series Matcha Summer Keyboard

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Product Description
Warm weather, cool drinks, high-quality typing—that’s our ideal summer. If it’s yours too, we have a keyboard you can’t pass up Read More

Apr 11, 2024
I love this keyboard but I've recently gone back into the office and my office neighbor has commented on the sound, is there a way to dampen the sound?
I have to say that I like my green ENTR lots. This white'ish version looks fabulous. I reach for it when I really only want a little illumination, not the whole RGB thing. I get a great but less serious vibe than its heavier, CTRL variation. There are what, a dozen variations of Gateron Yellows and I have not tried any of them. I have the Halo Trues, which also suit me just fine. I like them enough to have small (very small) stash of them for whatever the future needs may be.
Apr 21, 2023
GenjokoanDoes it come with a usb plug? Like the thick rectangle kind? I’m trying to find a keyboard that can hook up to an xbox
Feb 9, 2022
Anyone know how to turn off the backlights from the keyboard?
pent230FN + Down Arrow - in the case of this keyboard Code + Down Arrow
pent230This should be in Q&A, don't you think? I concur with YanboWu's reply.
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