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Drop Holy Panda X Hand-Lubed Mechanical Switches

Drop Holy Panda X Hand-Lubed Mechanical Switches

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May 23, 2023
Hey everyone, thanks for the feedback on the lube used. We wanted to shed some clarity on the lubing choices and our plan moving forward. In our original tests, we found using GPL105 for both the side rails and the spring yielded a switch that sounded great while retaining a great tactile feel. This setup also received good reviews from internal and external reviewers. After some additional tests. We found GPL205 for the rails and GPL105 for the spring still resulted in good tactility with the switch and we've decided to go with GLP205 for housing and GPL105 for spring for our lubed Holy Panda X switches. We think the switches will speak for themselves when you get them in your hands. I've been using these on my daily driver and really enjoying the typing experience.
Jul 23, 2023
where can i post asking for advice choosing some switches and maybe keycaps? looking for something with some heft either tactile or also clicky. but i got a video on some linears also sounded nice maybe when it bottoms out or whatever.
May 17, 2023
The type of lube you guys using are incorrect
PillowRabbitagreed. whats worse is that they intentionally used photos showing a grease compound on the brush, stem, and even the spring. but they are using oil when you read the fine print. may be an oversight... but it certainly stinks of dishonesty.
wait.... you are lubing the actual switch housing with 105??? surely this is incorrect. that is very obviously NOT 105 on the brush. assuming you used 105 on the springs and 205g0 on the rails/housing but some clarity would be nice
ok - you have a few extremely significant issues. 1) GPL105 is an oil. it works great for springs/leaf - but is useless on plastic compounds, and will follow gravity (meaning you will eventually have it pool in the base). that will result in several long term issues (sound, stiction, etc) 2) that picture is intentionally deceptive then as anyone that has lubed a switch before knows what 205/3203/3204 compounds look like. hope you guys reconsider. this is a terrible idea.
May 17, 2023
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