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Drop Holy Panda X Hand-Lubed Mechanical Switches

Drop Holy Panda X Hand-Lubed Mechanical Switches

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Drop Holy Panda X Mechanical Switches
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Legendary Tactile Typing, Now Hand-Lubed

An evolution of the original Holy Panda, our Holy Panda X is a fully engineered mechanical switch with unrivaled consistency and authentic-yet-refined tactile feel. Now, we’re making it available in hand-lubed packs for peerless performance right out of the box. Meticulously applying Krytox GPL105 on the springs and Krytox GLP205 on the sides of each housing and stem, we’ve lent a hand in making the Holy Panda X even holier. This is just the final step in a long journey, one that started when we departed from the original Holy Panda production process (disassembling two switches and combining their parts), working closely with Gateron and a few familiar faces to recreate the Holy Panda experience through a fully engineered product. With carefully selected components, the Holy Panda X feels incredibly similar to its predecessor, but with greatly reduced stem wobble and improved consistency across the board. Among tactile offerings, it’s nothing short of a treasure—and you can only find it here, now hand-lubed for the first time.

Drop Holy Panda X Hand-Lubed Mechanical Switches
Drop Holy Panda X Hand-Lubed Mechanical Switches
Drop Holy Panda X Hand-Lubed Mechanical Switches

Design Intervention

A fan-favorite found on many keyboards, the original Holy Panda switch was community-created by combining housings from the Invyr Panda Linear Switch and the stem of our Drop Halo Switch. The result was an ultra-satisfying tactile feel with a truly unique sound, but the invention was not without flaws. Disassembling two different switches and combining them can lead to a number of consistency issues, especially when the parts aren’t fully designed to work together. From this original “Frankenswitch,” dozens of unofficial Panda-variants have been created trying to replicate or improve upon the Holy Panda’s signature. We took our time to get the build just right. We collaborated with the Holy Panda’s original creators to help us refine the typing experience. Finally, we teamed up with a trusted manufacturer, Gateron, to make our designs come to life.

Drop Holy Panda X Hand-Lubed Mechanical Switches
Drop Holy Panda X Hand-Lubed Mechanical Switches
Drop Holy Panda X Hand-Lubed Mechanical Switches

Holier-Than-Thou Performance

The Holy Panda X is fully engineered from start to finish. Taking our time to faithfully replicate the Holy Panda feel, we outfitted this smoky-colored successor with a polycarbonate top case, nylon bottom case, and POM stem. Manufactured by Gateron with exacting quality assurance processes, the Holy Panda X easily outstrips its predecessor with improved stem stability, lubrication reliability, and overall consistency. Meet your next tactile switch.

The Holy Panda X improves upon all of the things I loved about the original. The smoother, rounder, and more refined tactility lends itself to a much more modern day typing experience that I personally prefer over the original. They're honestly just better.” - quakemz

“Cutting back on the harshness of the Holy Panda yet still retaining the majority of the desirable traits, The Holy Panda X is a distinctly unique yet familiar switch. The switch features negligible stem wobble, a smooth downstroke, and of course, pronounced tactility. I will definitely be using these in my next daily keyboard!.” - Invyr

"A step forward from what made the original switch so fantastic, the Holy Panda X improves on every aspect, with the smoothness, tactility, and solid build construction that I've always been looking for. I'm done searching for my perfect switch." -mech27

Drop Holy Panda X Hand-Lubed Mechanical Switches
Drop Holy Panda X Hand-Lubed Mechanical Switches


  • Designed by Drop
  • Produced by Gateron
  • Top housing material: Polycarbonate
  • Bottom housing material: Nylon
  • Stem material: POM
  • Spring weight: 60 g
  • MX-compatible
  • Hand-lubricated springs as well as the rails of the housing and stem
  • Lubricant: Krytox GPL105 on springs, Krytox GLP205 on housing and stem
  • Available in 5-pin and 3-pin options


  • 35 Switches


Brush and lubrication material pictured are for illustrative purposes only.


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Estimated ship date is July 16, 2024 PT.

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Why are these so expensive all of a sudden? Weren't they way less than a dollar a piece a few months ago? Am I crazy?
May 30, 2023
Top Answer
This run is for the hand-lubed version. The regular HPX is still available here, and the regular Clear HPX is available here.Read More
Jun 28, 2023
How many are in a switch pack?
May 16, 2023
Top Answer
35 per pack, same as the standard HPX. Thanks for catching that! Will update on the specs page.Read More
May 16, 2023
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