Drop + MiTo MT3 Cyber Custom Keycap Set

Drop + MiTo MT3 Cyber Custom Keycap Set

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Product Description
Set in the year 2077, MT3 Cyber is a futuristic battleground inhabited by hackers, corporate despots, punks, and mercenaries. Where neon lights leave false reflections, and AI machines leave humans playing catch-up, it’s every man, woman, and robot for themselves Read More

Dec 26, 2020
Welcome to MT3 Cyber!
This is a cyberpunk inspired project that I developed based on the cyberpunk philosophy and MT3 tools developed for the community. Design premises & project constraints: • Color way & novelties: Cyberpunk / neon palette and computing era references. • Tech trash: Utilize/recycle denied color samples from various projects I worked on during my life, since 2014. • Function & form: Combine kits considering popular keyboards, MT3 machine tools output and real life mold constraints, to accomplish function first (and some form as by product, hence the seemingly random colors). • Optimal production: Utilize the MT3 tools (Susuwatari) to achieve optimal production scenario, with zero waste, no tool cleaning, minimum possible manufacturing time. The result: Supporters will be able to utilize all the keys included to create a particular look unique to them. There are various accents, color hints to be used, on different areas of the keyboard so you can decorate your keyboard with cyberpunk/chaotic vibes. Links:


  • Perpetual sale?
Yes, this is a pre order in which everybody can buy kits at a heavily discounted price. After 30 days the prices will increase as the key caps will be for sale on a regular basis. If you want the keycaps for the lowest possible price, join as soon as you can during these initial 30 days.
  • Can we have R5?
MT3 double shot keycaps can't be made in R5, the molds do not exist.
  • Can X keycap be added to Y kit?
This is unfortunately not possible without changing the whole production system for this keycap set.
  • Laser?
None of the colors used in this project match the GMK/SA Laser project, the SA Laser R2 is coming Q1 2021.
  • Does this work on my keyboard?
Probably yes, you can ask me in the comments so I can double check for you.
  • I have some design ideas for my own keycap set, can you help me?
Join my Discord and show me what you got! Hopefully I can help you create your own drop to establish yourself as a part time/full time creator of key cap sets and keyboard goods.
Jan 5, 2021
Idea... just buy the magenta caps here, and enjoy! https://drop.com/buy/drop-matt3o-mt3-3277-custom-keycap-set
Jan 5, 2021
Thanks !
Mar 3, 2021
I wish this came with a deskpad. Would've been interesting to see what designs could have been displayed.
Feb 17, 2021
So, is there still a opportunity to get GMK laser?
Feb 15, 2021
Totally get that the goal was to use Drop’s existing tooling, so I know the following isn’t possible with this set. More asking in general: Is it possible (for other Drop sets in the future) to add an R5 kit? I have /dev/tty and Dasher and Dasher’s lack of R5 (which /dev/tty has) is painful, figuratively and literally. Pushing a pointy R4 key with your thumb is awful, but on /dev/tty, the flat R5 keys are just lovely. Flipping the R4 keys kinda sorta works, but looks bad. Just saying that the R4-only option ruined Dasher for me and I won’t get future MT3 sets that don’t have an R5 option. And since this tooling seems to be the default for all Drop’s MT3 set, that’d be a lot of sets off the table. I suggest an R5 kit to keep costs of the base kit down and it won’t force people that are happy with Drop’s current offering to buy keys they don’t want. Thanks.
Feb 15, 2021
IIRC they didn't make tooling for R5 in terms of the ABS kits. /dev/tty is single-shot PBT and uses different production equipment. That said, I think creating tooling for R5 ABS MT3 would be a good investment.
Feb 14, 2021
Why can't the novelites be shipped to China?
Feb 16, 2021
Drop ships to China, yes.
Feb 3, 2021

Jan 29, 2021
When are these suppose to ship out?
Estimated ship date is at the bottom of the product description
Jan 29, 2021
Gotcha, thanks!
Jan 28, 2021
Gmk this and im in
There should be extras for GMK laser after the next round ships. And there is a plan to keep GMK laser in stock
Jan 25, 2021
Hi, may I know what is standard pricing? Would like to know how much the price difference will be.
What? The price is listed
Jan 24, 2021
This set needs a spacebar set in the dark color.
Jan 25, 2021
That's basically the original laser color. I didn't like the yellow so I was discouraged from buying since my spacebar is 7u. There would have probably been a lot more sales had the profile been the only difference (I think so at least); interesting to see this site become the "anti" volume discount store with these new drops running indefinitely now. I remember when their keyboards used to run every other year or so. ps: I do own the original laser in SA and wouldn't mind trying out MT3 but I'm fine with what I got.
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Mar 8, 2021
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