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Dec 9, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
the carbon fiber is very high quality, and it sounds great too
i missed the $250 off flash sale but got the black friday deal $200 discount. i received mine last week and listened regularly for the last week in evenings. the carbon fiber cups are extremely well made and beautiful. I thought it looks even more impressive than focal utopia i saw in local stores. i run the ether cx through smsl m300 + sp200 balance out. the sound was quite impressive even without burn-in. i got my hd800s about 3 weeks ago and was listening to hd800s for the last 3 weeks regularly before I received my ether cx. the soundstage of hd800s is a lot wider but i prefer the tonality of the ether cx. the ether cx sounds very detailed and quite clean/sterile to me. some reviews said the ether cx needs quite a lot of current to give a lively performance. it's quite ok in my setup and i felt it's easier to drive than hd800s. the closed back design gives it very good sound insulation but the bass is still not going very strong right now. hope it improves over the next few weeks after burn-in. many already pointed out that, unlike the original ether c, aeon or ether 2 design, there's no swivel on the cup (same shortcoming for the esp/95x!). the nitinol head band can flex a lot so it's no too difficult to get a proper wearing position (on the other hand, esp/95x is open back and is less demanding to get a good seal). and i must said i miss the carrying case in the non-drop ver too.
Feb 8, 2024
derek.lobI know this is an older review, but I have the CX and i use them on my gaming / multimedia pc and theyre my favorite closed backs easily for gaming/watching multimedia at my pc. however, ive been looking at adding an HD800s (probably pick up a used one) and this is the only comparison i could really find on them. Would you be able to give more details on your opinion comparing the differences between the HD800s and ether cx (other than open and wider soundstage of course)? Thanks very much.
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