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Drop SHIFT V2 Mechanical Keyboard PCBA

Drop SHIFT V2 Mechanical Keyboard PCBA

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A Second-Generation PCBA for Your SHIFT

At the heart of our new SHIFT V2 is an upgraded PCBA with a host of enthusiast enhancements. Now, for owners of the original SHIFT, we’ve made it possible to complete a true heart transplant. Meet the Drop SHIFT V2 Mechanical Keyboard PCBA: a second-generation set of electronics for your first-generation SHIFT. Included in this new PCBA are several improvements, including 5-pin switch support, a new STM32 chipset with better QMK performance, a range of RGB LED upgrades, and our Keyboard Configurator for on-the-fly keymapping. Learn more about some of these improvements in the sections below—and give your old SHIFT a new lease on life.

Drop SHIFT V2 Mechanical Keyboard PCBA
Drop SHIFT V2 Mechanical Keyboard PCBA
Drop SHIFT V2 Mechanical Keyboard PCBA

An Unrivaled RGB Experience

Like the original SHIFT, the SHIFT V2 is first and foremost an RGB keyboard. That’s why, like its predecessor, it features a PCBA with north-facing switch sockets: to shine the most light from its LEDs through its onboard switches and keycaps. But with the RGB LEDs on the SHIFT V2’s PCBA there’s so much more to love. For starters, we’ve incorporated all QMK LED modes into V2’s PCBA—a major upgrade from the limited number of options available on the first-generation SHIFT. With the addition of these modes, you can now adjust the hue and saturation of mono color and animation presets right on the keyboard, allowing for more flexibility without the need to flash new firmware and settings. Also now included in the PCBA is built-in EEPROM, which eliminates the need for EEPROM emulation. This means that it will keep its current lighting setting, even if it’s disconnected and reconnected to a separate device. Even better: this functionality happens out of the box—no extra setup required.

Drop SHIFT V2 Mechanical Keyboard PCBA
Drop SHIFT V2 Mechanical Keyboard PCBA
Drop SHIFT V2 Mechanical Keyboard PCBA

Refined Electronics With Upgraded QMK & Configurator Performance

Alongside the lighting, nearly all of the electronics in the SHIFT V2 PCBA have undergone their own enthusiast evolutions. Most noticeable right out of the box are the reworked traces for a neater aesthetic. But once you get to building, you’ll love the support for 5-pin switches to accommodate a much wider range of typing hardware. There’s also the new STM32 chipset—a major upgrade from the original SHIFT’s Microchip chipset, allowing for quicker implementation of new QMK features and updates. (VIA support is also included, with Vial support coming soon.) Finally, unveiled for the first time on the SHIFT V2 is our revamped Keyboard Configurator, which now allows for on-the-fly keymapping without the need for separate flashing or other setup steps. (This latest version of our Keyboard Configurator is similar to the VIA configurator, but it offers additional security checks in order to ensure higher protection against malicious actors.) It’s the finishing touch to an attentive electronics refresh—all to optimize personalization and performance, from hardware to software.

Drop SHIFT V2 Mechanical Keyboard PCBA
Drop SHIFT V2 Mechanical Keyboard PCBA


  • Drop 
  • Layout: Compact 1800
  • 99 keys
  • Hot-swappable switch sockets
  • 3-pin and 5-pin switch support
  • Per-key RGB LED lighting and ring
  • North-facing RGB LEDs 
  • Dual USB-C ports
  • QMK and VIA programmable (Vial support coming soon)
  • Keyboard Configurator


  • Drop 1-year warranty


We get it. Sometimes what you ordered just doesn’t work out. If that’s the case for you, don’t fret! All customers (both US and international) may return this item in new, unused condition within 30 days of delivery.


Estimated ship date is May 27, 2024 PT.

Payment will be collected at checkout. Cancellations are accepted up to 2 hours after checkout for in-stock items, or up until pre-order ships.

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