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Drop + xDuoo TA-84 OTL Tube Amp/DAC

Drop + xDuoo TA-84 OTL Tube Amp/DAC

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Apr 13, 2024
I love this device as a DAC/headphone amp. I'm much less happy with the sound quality as a preamp (RCA aux in, aux out). It's got me wondering if I'm doing it wrong. Do I need to turn the volume up all the way? High gain only? Thanks all
Mar 22, 2024
If anyone is unhappy with their TA-84 please let me buy it from you instead of returning it. I need one to demo my new planar magnetic iems and can’t wait until July. Thank you! You can contact me here:
Mar 25, 2024
rhythmdevilsWhat kind of IEMs would have impedance that'd be a match for an OTL amp?!?
EdgeofthecityYou will need to use an impedance adapter for it. I use an OTL amp with my NiceHCK F1Pro planar iems with a 250 ohm impedance adapter. Sounds great that way. Without an adapter, not so much.
Feb 8, 2024
is it really only available in 6 months? is it possible to get delivered earlier? either way I already placed a preorder.
Feb 26, 2024
maks244It could always arrive sooner but that's the projected date
Jan 30, 2024
Sold out already?
Jan 18, 2024
Any idea when there will a second production run?
HolocronicWorking on getting a date as soon as possible!
Dec 24, 2023
Ipad and Tablet users; what USB-C to USB-C audio cable is everyone running???
JcriveraUSB cables are data cables and aren't audio cables. Use whatever one you like.
Jan 15, 2024
daveysprocketbrewMy only grip is that it takes absolutely forever for the dac/amp to recognize my ipad pro. I dont use RCA. Ive tried other cables with no change.
Dec 13, 2023
Long time tube amp hobbyist here, so I was eagerly awaiting mine to arrive! I've repaired/modified/designed/built amps with all the popular tubes and am quite familiar with the sound of each, and their drive characteristics - from EL84, EL34, 6L6, 2A3, 300B, 6550, KT66 thru KT150, 211, 845 = annoyed spouse lol. When I saw an OTL design with an EL-84, I was perplexed given its rather high Z output, but also excited to hear how it would be executed, given Drop's reputation for spotting hits. And I'm floored - all the speed and crystalline highs are there, sweet mids, and surprisingly tight and full bass. I couldn't build this for less and have such a clean retro-modern aesthetic - gotta love mass production :) Got these for an office setup with cube neighbors, so closed-back cans only. Paired to DT 770 Pro 250ohm. Prior daily rig is Schiit Modi MultiBit -> Drop Cavalli Tube Hybrid (sometimes swapped with Drop AAA 789) -> MrSpeakers (Dan Clark) Aeon Flow Closed. The DT770 / TA-84 combo is rather synergistic and very good for the money - together they cost about what I paid for the Aeon Closed alone. Hum and hiss aren't noticeable given an office environment, but the RF noise is - about 3ft away from the laptop or phone seems to do the trick. The bass is much deeper (~27Hz, then drops off quickly) and fuller than with the planar setup above, and has a similar bass tilt as HD600/DarkVoice 336SE setup at home. Transients aren't off by too much, and are extended enough to hear 192kHz vs 48Khz sampling rate differences. Has all the euphonic EL84 speed, that I previously reserved only for > 99dB sensitivity monkey coffin speakers, and now available on my desktop. Amazing. There's some JAN Philips 12AU7 that I think would work well here, maybe RCA Clear tops too. NOS EL-84 could be a fun (but expensive) swap, but probably much later on. First test is to run the Mimby, bypassing the internal DAC, but I've been enjoying it as-is and not done any tweaks yet... that says something. Great job to the whole team for taking this to market - here's wishing you another hit!
a1tered5tateI plan to swap in a pair of original Telefunken 12AU7 to see how they change things. Wanted to let the stock tubes get a few weeks of use before doing any tube rolling.
Jan 10, 2024
@datbaguetdoe , I just compared it to a Schiit Modi Multibit running through a stepped attenuator. The frequency extremes are definitely better with the TA-84. Bass is more extended and defined. Treble is also more extended because of the higher sampling rate. The midrange is subtly different between the two, with the Mimby sounding more euphonic and laid-back, and the TA-84 having better transients, sounds 'faster' and also quite liquid sounding. Quite an upgrade! I wouldn't hesitate using the TA-84 as a tube preamp.
Dec 13, 2023
I received my DAC yesterday. I've been really excited to get it as this is my first time using one. I even bought a pair of ATH-R70x headphones to go with it. And Oh. My. God. Is it worth it. The first thing I listened to was my favorite song "The Quiet" by Imogen Heap. I almost cried it sounded so good. When I get home from work tonight, I plan on listening to Beethoven's 9th Symphony. I can't wait. I might have to get another DAC for the office. I don't know if I can go back to digital sound. Although, it might be nice to have it be retreat for when I'm home.
Ike4948The R70x is an excellent headphone pair with the TA-84. We used one during the development to test with since it was a highly synergistic pairing. Glad you are enjoying so far.
Dec 12, 2023
This is my first tube amp so take this for what it’s worth. I probably have only done a few hours at most on it too but can’t stop listening. Ive been listening on hd600’s and am content to just listen to everything on this setup for the foreseeable future. It’s clear this amp has some limitations and I would love a few additional features but so far it just sounds GOOD. Might try to do a bit more of an actual review after a few weeks but so far I’m just enjoying music like it’s all new again and I’m happy.
Dec 11, 2023
For what's it's worth: I own two OTL amps and several hybrid tube amps. OTL amps tends to be all power all the time. That's why they tend to be better suited for high impedance headphones. For my OTL amps, I use impedance adapters for most of my headphones with dynamic drivers: HD8xx, HD700, HD660s, and Denon 7200 and a few others. Most of my planars do not need impedance adapters. I bought a set from 36 ohm thru 300 ohm adapters. I find that 75ohms and 150ohms works for most of my dynamic driver headphones. All the hum and hiss goes away for me. Another device added to the chain? Its a few bucks to gives you a better musical enjoyment experience. So why not? I got some cheap impedance adapters from Amazon, in case it's snake oil and I can return it. Then I got a "nicer" set from AliExpress. YMMV. Good luck!
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