E-Element Hot Swappable RGB Mechanical Keyboard

E-Element Hot Swappable RGB Mechanical Keyboard

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Product Description
Combining the perfect storm of RGB backlighting, brushed aluminum, and floating keys, the E-Element RGB Keyboard is a new take on an extremely popular keyboard style—at an optimal price point, to boot. And it's now hot swappable, allowing you to change your key switches without the hassle of soldering Read More

Dec 24, 2019
I recently started using this keyboard again after having it sit around for around 2 years, the lights work but the keys don't. I read the manual again and it said it was compatible up to windows 8, is there any way to make the keyboard work on a Windows 10 computer?
Jun 16, 2019
Do Zealios switches fit in this board?
Feb 5, 2018
Does anyone know when this keyboard will be available again??
Mar 20, 2018
Apr 10, 2018
Noone knows it.
Jan 26, 2018
Dec 20, 2017
Hey, does anyone know where to buy a replacement palm rest? I hecked mine up playing overwatch (got mad, hit it, and it snapped)
Jun 11, 2017
So what is the point of this? You get cherry mx switch design with ALPS stems... So you cant swap for ALPS, and you can't use your mx cap set. I guess you can use all those ALPS sets you have on this superior design, huh? /sarcasm For a second there, I thought this would be an ALPS board, and got excited. *sigh*....
A community member
Jun 3, 2017
To new people, don't get this. The switches are NOT hotswappable (I destroyed a switch trying to pry it out) and people have been reporting you can't switch to regular switches anyway since the metal contacts on the bottom of the switches are in a different configuration than all other switches but the ones that come on this board.
I will be selling mine. The lights are fancy and OK but i find it more distracting than anything.
Also I don't know who leads this drop, but the stems I got were not ALPS, but Cherry MX stems. Which is better, since you can customise the keycaps much more easily or cannibalize the board for the nice see-through keycaps.
A community member
Jun 5, 2017
you are the person on amazon who commented that they did this didn't you?
Jun 5, 2017
Yes. I figured I would add a summation here for people who do not look at Amazon.
May 30, 2017
Doh! I am swindled. It is a terrible experience. It was a cherry MX switch type when I received the item. Nobody calls this way the Alps. Clearly, the switch in the picture was the type of the "Alps". It was too cheap to doubt. I'm so mad I'm driving mad. Clearly you have the obligation to pretend to be a Cherry MX Compatibility switch.
You are spiteful. Realizing that there is a misunderstanding but You didn't do anything well. Change the picture!!!!!!! Who sees the photo as a cherry? I don't understand. but Even admitting the vague words of the "Alps stems", DO YOU THINK that photo is the SAME as the item on sale? It's enough fraud.
Now I don't think there's anything to buy here. Finally, tell you. Please don't lose your original intention. I loved your site , but not anymore. The site has grown bigger, but it is getting worse and worse.
A community member
May 30, 2017
I don't understand. the drop says "The board comes standard with Outemu RGB switches with ALPS stems." Nothing of that is vague. It says the switches will be outemu brand and the stems will be ALPS.
(Then again I got the Cherry stems, and happy with that. ALPS stems have no keycaps made for them)
May 27, 2017
its hot swappable rightt so how do i take the switches out
A community member
May 30, 2017
I also would like to know. I think I destroyed a switch but it still doesnt come out.
Apr 24, 2017
okay, so ive owned this since the first edition of it came out, it was very well looked after and never misused or had anything spilt on it etc, 4+ leds are dying on it, the keys Left Shift to /? have completly stopped working and the first generation of this keyboard lacked in quality, its very depressing having it broken becuase I loved the keyboard when it worked. If I could afford it I would pick up another one. I am not happy with my keyboard, I hope nobody else has these issues as these are really nice keyboards. These wouldnt have come with a warrenty I'm guessing.
Apr 26, 2017
how many rgb modes it had
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