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Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse Bluetooth Speakers

Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse Bluetooth Speakers

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Product Description
The Edifier e25 Speakers are designed for wireless connectivity with Bluetooth-enabled devices, offering at-home and on-the-go compatibility. For power, volume, and track-changing, they offer a touch-sensitive design on the left side of the piano-lacquered housing Read More
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Apr 14, 2023
upgrade option to HD not showing??
The HD variant is not available during this run of the product (neither is the white); I'll see about modifying the wording to make that more clear. Sorry for the confusion.
Dec 4, 2021
Can you hook these up to a turntable like the Drop Audia Technica?
Dec 4, 2021
Most turntables need a preamp. Looks like the Drop Audia Technica has one built-in. So yes, I'd say it should work ok.
Oct 26, 2021
Do you need an amp for these?
Oct 26, 2021
May 13, 2023
These speakers arrived a few days ago, and while they sound and look really good, I am disappointed because I did not receive the stands yet, and I have a feeling that the stands are not coming at all. If so, drop needs to update their product descriptions immediately. According to drop I should be receiving matching stands and a toslink cable with my purchase of these speakers, whether or not they are the HD version (which also needs to be specified). Will I and other people who ordered these speakers be receiving the stands soon, or is this just another problem with drop where I won't get my money back? Edit: I was trying to clean them today, and when I tried to clean the front, the "rubber" just smeared. Is there supposed to be just a plastic front, or did something happen in a warehouse where it was so hot that the spray-on rubber melted enough for me to be able to smear it? I can scrape off the rubber with my nails bit by bit, and unless I can get it all off they'll be forever gunked up.
The specifications state and the pictures show an optical connection. Also it mentions a TOSLINK cable being provided. Is this an updated model from the original e25. In the past I believe this was only available with the e25HD model. I'm very interested as that was what drove me to purchace the HD model in the past. If it's just standard now an already good deal is flat out amazing. Thanks,