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Gateron Kangaroo Tactile Mechanical Switch

Gateron Kangaroo Tactile Mechanical Switch

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Product Description
When fast and tactile are your two top switch priorities, Gateron’s Kangaroo switch is the perfect fit for your keyboard. Made from ABS plastic, this marsupial-monikered component features a moderate tactile bump that adds satisfying feedback to each keystroke Read More
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Jul 18, 2021
Why is it 11$ for 20 extra switches but if you want 40 extra switches it's 29$? You're charging more for buying more?
Jul 19, 2021
I think its a business thing. Comparing these prices to NovelKeys because they have had these in stock for a while and they also provide readily available custom keyboard components in the US just like Drop, It's safe to assume that Drop is going to try to compete and competitively base their prices to the ones on NK . Buying 90 and 110 quantities would be cheaper here but the 70 count in more expensive, the price difference between the 90 and 110 prices on here and NK is only $2 but the difference between the 70 count pack is $5. Assuming that Drop did base the prices off of the ones on NK where the price difference between 70, 90, and 110 options is a constant +$18 for +20 switches. Drop is sacrificing some profit with the 90 and 110 packs but increasing the profit on the 70 pack. I believe the idea behind this is that there are more people on here with a smaller form factor keyboard because those sizes are very popular. I don't have any actual stats to back this up but I see way more ≤70 switch keyboards than any others on the reddit lol. This is also a go-to site for a "one stop shop" type deal and ≤70 switch form factor boards are the most popular on here. I am open to criticism/corrections to my logic. and I hope this somewhat answers your question :)
Jul 18, 2021
Can you lube these switches?
Jul 18, 2021
You could lube any switch you wanted, these kangaroo switches included. However, it is still unknown how strong the effects of lubing would be on this switch and the quality of stock lube. My guess is lubing this switch would make it a bit better.
Sep 7, 2021
Will this work for gk61 optical board?
A community member
Sep 7, 2021
No, you'd need optical switches.
Sep 7, 2021
Is the bottom out force 60g? I didn't see it listed in the specs. Just want to make sure I'm looking at the graph correctly.