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Gateron Kangaroo Tactile Mechanical Switch

Gateron Kangaroo Tactile Mechanical Switch

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Product Description
When fast and tactile are your two top switch priorities, Gateron’s Kangaroo switch is the perfect fit for your keyboard. Made from ABS plastic, this marsupial-monikered component features a moderate tactile bump that adds satisfying feedback to each keystroke Read More

Jul 19, 2021
How are these compared to boba u4t?
hingsingIf anyone is still wondering; U4Ts have a much more round bump that takes up more of the travel, whereas these have a very short bump all the way at the top of travel.
I got some of these from NK a while back, and I like them a lot. The specs listed are correct, but I have no idea why the description says these are made of ABS - no part of these are ABS - they're PA and POM. What they are is crisp and smooth with a moderately shortened travel. The bump is short and right at the top - and while it is clearly pronounced and snappy, it isn't heavy or hard to push through. Nice and smooth, too. If the bump is too short / crispy for you, swapping-in Polia stems & springs makes for a super-nice rounded & balanced tactile switch.
DeadeyeDaveThanks for the feedback!
Jul 21, 2021
SpencerLWhen you feel that, you should vote.
Jul 18, 2021
The description mentions a “moderate” tactile bump. What level are we talking about here? MX Clear? MX Brown? Box Brown? The force curve looks like “insert tactile switch here”, so I’m curious which existing design this is most comparable to.
macboarderThey have a small, sharp bump at the top, and then shortened clean linear travel after that. The bump is more pronounced than Speed Coppers, but much less so than high-tactile stuff like Holy Pandas, Zealio V2s, etc.
Jul 19, 2021
DeadeyeDaveThanks! I think I’ll give those a try.
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