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Gateron Pro Silver Custom Mechanical Switches

Gateron Pro Silver Custom Mechanical Switches

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Product Description
The Gateron Pro Silver Custom Mechanical Switches offer bullet-proof construction with fast linear travel and a satisfying feel. Built around your choice of a single- or double-spring mechanism, the action is instant with just the right amount of resistance Read More
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Aug 31, 2021
Does anyone know the differences between a "one-step/single" spring and a "two-step/double spring"? I'm guessing that one-step is a standard spring you get in most switches with a linear force push-back. But what are the advantages of a two-step spring and why would someone choose that over a one-step?
Single - Double - "Compared to switch springs, these two-stage springs offer a faster, more forceful upstroke/rebound and firmer downpress."