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Gateron Pro Silver Custom Mechanical Switches

Gateron Pro Silver Custom Mechanical Switches

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Product Description
The Gateron Pro Silver Custom Mechanical Switches offer bullet-proof construction with fast linear travel and a satisfying feel. Built around your choice of a single- or double-spring mechanism, the action is instant with just the right amount of resistance Read More

These appear to be the same on kbdfans and other keyboard hobbyists websites. In which case these are solid, pretty good to go stock, lube and film is “optional”. Not quite as good as jwk but pretty close imo.
Aug 31, 2021
These are if I'm not mistaken the first "Custom" Gateron switch in the new line of "New Gateron Pro Switches"(Pro Yellow, Red and White). This new line features new gateron molds that have less wobble and are just better overall, you can tell which Gateron switch uses the new mold by the now upside-down Logo. I assume this was done to make them look right on north-facing LED boards(-.-). They also come with only 3-pins and are pre-lubed as these are more so targeted at the consumer and hot-swap market. I do wish they were 5-pin, but I kind of understand why went with 3-pin. After talking with tons of more general consumers who are just looking for a good stock switch most of them do not wish to clip off legs so this is more for that market. Not the hardcore enthusiast market. By custom, it really just means that something is different from the rest of the line. In this case, it's a "speed" switch with less total travel and a higher actuation point. Along with these being "Dustproof". These are pretty fantastic, they come factory lubed and it's a pretty good lube job. Maybe a bit too much lube but after a bit of usage it evens out nicely. The feel is nice but I'm just not a fan of "Speed" switches. Also if you want to lube them yourself you'll have to clean off all the lube. But if your just looking for a great stock linear this is one of the best, along with the JWICK linears and the rest of the Gateron Pro line. So to sum it up if you want some amazing stock linears I'd grab a pack of these, but if your more so after something that you can mod maybe skip these unless you just love "speed" switches and are willing to deep clean the lube off. I for one am really happy to see more good stock switches for people who don't want to invest in modding switches it will make the hobby a bit more accessible for newcomers. Edit: To add regarding the springs, the two-stage springs should just require more force right off the bat, whereas the normal is lighter near the top. I could be wrong I don't have these two-stage ones in, but that is normal how multi-stage springs work unless I'm mistaken. I'm going to grab a pack of two-stage springs. Price Breakdown:
  • 70 at $24 = $0.34 a Switch. So $3.42 for 10.
  • 90 at $29 = $0.32 a Switch. So $3.32 for 10.
  • 110 at $32 = $0.29 a Switch. So $2.90 for 10.
All good prices. I think slightly cheaper than anywhere else. So shipping prices will make or break it depending on where you live. Jan 11th is just a very long wait time vs elsewhere.
Aug 31, 2021
What's the actuation point, 1.2mm? Anyone know the difference between the spring options?
Aug 31, 2021
whomad1215Nope. I have the same question. I also wonder what makes these "custom."
whomad12152 step gives it more resistance at the top of the travel which can in theory reduce accidental triggers and makes them feel “snappy”.
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