Grifiti Slim Wrist Pads

Grifiti Slim Wrist Pads

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Wristlemania 2014

After purchasing a slim keyboard, you’ve been hovering your appendages off the table to keep them in proper position, but there’s a better way to reach your keys. To combat the evils of carpal tunnel syndrome and give your wrist a proper resting place, slot a Grifiti Slim Wrist Pad in front of your keyboard and get back to bother free business.

Grifiti Slim Wrist Pads

Wrist Easy

Made to match a 10keyless or standard keyboard, every wrist pad has a 4 in width and 0.25 in thickness, enough cushion to keep your wrist elevated, but low enough to stay in line with your keyboard. A washable nylon surface gives you a smooth resting spot, a squishy interior provides plenty of cushioning, and the non-skid neoprene base keeps the pad right in place. On this drop, we’re also offering the option of Smooth Skin Poron, a smoother surface that provides slightly better grip, although it does not feature the non-ski neoprene base.

Grifiti Slim Wrist Pads
Grifiti Slim Wrist Pads

Become an Awristocrat

Finished off with subtle branding and made with quality control you can trust, a Grifiti Wrist Pad changes the way you compute with a simple slide of your keyboard. On this drop, you have your choice of a 12 in (30.48 cm) or 17 in (35.56 cm) Grifiti Wrist Pad. Both sizes are built to be used with modern, super thin keyboards, but they can be used with other systems.

Grifiti Slim Wrist Pads
Grifiti Slim Wrist Pads


  • 2 material choices: washable nylon top with non-skid neoprene base
  • OR Smooth skin poron
  • Fits standard slim keyboards
  • Dimensions- 4 x 0.25 in (10.16 x 0.64 cm)


Estimated ship date is June 2, 2014 PT.

Payment will be collected at checkout. After this product run ends, orders will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all orders final.

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