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Gustard H16 Balanced Headphone Pre-Amplifier

Gustard H16 Balanced Headphone Pre-Amplifier

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Product Description
Gustard is known for crafting impressive desktop audio units with an eye toward design and an ear toward clean, detailed response. The Gustard H16 Balanced Headphone Pre-Amplifier is an excellent edition to your DAC or amp setup because it delivers solid processing and headroom to spare Read More
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Jan 12, 2023
Are both RCA and XLR outputs active at all times or are they selectable? Does inserting a headphone plug silence the pre-amp outputs, or do you need to select one or the other?
Jan 16, 2023
@Banetbob Hello- You can select whether you wish to use the RCA or XLR output on the Gustard H16. Both outputs are not active at all times. Also, inserting a headphone plug will silence the pre-amp outputs.
Jun 5, 2023
Hello, maybe stupid question but I am new to this. I have a SMSL C200 DAC/amplifier but need more power for my plannar headphone. If I connect my SMSL with a RCA cable to the Gustard and set the output to RCA and connect a 6.35 mm normal or 4.4 mm balanced cable to the Gustard is it then so that I can use the DAC part of my SMSL and the amplifier part of the Gustard thus having more power available for my plannars? kind regards, Pascal
Jan 13, 2023
Does the H16 incorporate SE to balanced conversion?