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IDOBAO x Kailh Elf Ultra-Silent Mechanical Switches

IDOBAO x Kailh Elf Ultra-Silent Mechanical Switches

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How would green elf switches compare to top tier and damn expensive silent linears, like MX Silents or Sakurio/Roselio? Most important factors being smoothness and mushiness.
Jun 6, 2023
Wow, only $5 more than on IDOBAO website.
EcneI'm seeing them as the same?
May 3, 2023
Hi guys. Noob question here. But i have a Mountain Everest keyboard ( Would these fit on it? And if so any recommendations on keycaps? I am looking for one that will allow rgb to shine through the top and have a bit more surface up top for typing
May 6, 2023
ln10i think this is a ads
Apr 23, 2023
These switches are brilliant. I run a couple keyboards with these and Cherry Red Silents that are filmed and lubed. Meaning it is these unlubed and unfilmed against Cherry MX Red Silents. Very, very nice.
Nov 4, 2023
Hello, I had the Cherry RedSilents for awhile. I used them as anyone would have used them and realized they are Cherry switches. I ended up filming them. I picked up the Elf switches after having used plenty of Cherry RedSilents as well as also having used Gateron RedSilents. I have NOT used the Purple variation on the Elf switches. I suspect that the "scratch" that comes with Cherry switches "came to be way back when". As in whenever they originally designed the overall foundation of Cherry switches. Meaning the note MIGHT BE on someone's original decision to try to build some sort of durability and "ease of motion" for the fingers. I find that the Cherry RedSilents, which are NOT the Purple Elfs, is maybe easier on the fingers than the Elf Greens. Keep in mind, this is between switches that are the "bottom of the spectrum" in terms of finger pressure and such. The Elf Greens currently sit on a low profile CTRL keyboard that sits as my most utilitarian keyboard that I own. Meaning I (uhhhh... probably) don't make as many typing mistakes and the "finger feedback" with the Elfs is very nice. I guess the note I could give users, at this moment in time, is that if you want to go down a Cherry road, then having lube and films on hand is "advice". "Cherry" includes the vintage switches and crowd. It takes "time" to film switches and not just lube them. I mostly prefer the Gateron RedSilents over the STOCK Cherry RedSilents.
GMNat0127Thank you for sharing!
Apr 1, 2023
Am I missing something or is there no mention of quantity?
Barringtonsays it on the details tab 35 pack
Apr 2, 2023
quicklytoo4That was added after I commented
Feb 3, 2023
Hello everyone! I am leaving the sound tests for both the Purple and Green Elf Mechanical Switches. Green:  Purple:
TaylerSIs it just the mic, or is the sound kinda loud considering they're supposed to be "ultra silent"?
Apr 1, 2023
TaylerSDo you have a comparison with boba u4 by any chance?
Feb 2, 2023
Heh! Purple: drow, green: Link.
While I haven't tried these exact switches, I have tried the Midnight Pros that they're based on - as silent switches, they are some of my favorites, on-par with TTC's higher-end offerings. Not the most quiet, but the sound they do make is both inoffensive and satisfying - and I think they feel great. However... A general note about all the recent Kailh switches with stems that look like these; mostly but not all silent switches - those stems can and will stress some keycaps. They aren't quite as bad as the first run of BOX switches, but I still recommend caution with these. Fret not, though - there's a tool available for getting those stems back into safe spec:

@HoffmanMyster - I think I mentioned a tool like this a while back; at the time only prototype versions of a bladed tool were floating around - but Geon's take on it is basically exactly what I was getting at - just a hard metal version of a cap mount to force too-big stems into shape. I'd love to see more competition in that space *hint hint*
Feb 7, 2023
I'm not saying there is nothing there, but I cannot see anything in any of those photos.
tonsoffun49The stress cracks are the white areas at the corners, at either end of the horizontal part of the + shape. Here are some other angles, and more up-close:

In the photo above they're the squiggly white marks on the left side of the +, visible more as highlighted edges on the right side. For comparison, an undamaged one:
Compare the above photo with the first of the previous pair; no white edges on either side of the + on these fresh caps, and hardly any on caps mounted on in-spec Cherry switches.

Feb 1, 2023
Tempted to try except for the 35g total force, which seems a bit too light for me personally and only 1 option of 35pcs. Just a tad too little as well.
Apr 6, 2023
SoeiWould love this in a ~80g bottom out force version (somewhere near a 78g Zealio or an MX Clear)
has IDOBAO sent these to anyone for review? I get that they’re a new switch but there’s no information out there aside from their store page. I'm always interested in trying different silenced switches but without any real info on these and with 9 days left to commit, I'm gonna have to sit this one out.
sietaiYeah, I really want to try these, but I wish it was going longer than 9 days.... I think if shipping was still free I'd do it.
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