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IDOBAO Montex Number Pad MX Mechanical Keyboard

IDOBAO Montex Number Pad MX Mechanical Keyboard

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Jun 3, 2023
Activities:Work & Gaming
Paired Switch:Linear
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Functional, but beware supply issues
So my own Idobao Montex arrived today, with my first impression consisting of delight. Where the Drop page had indicated a barebones configuration what actually arrived was an assembled Montex with Sprite C1 Linear Axis Green's installed. Which, from looking at the specs, are the Kailh collab switches which I had purchased separately intending to use those in this pad. First impression of those Idobao x Kailh Elf switches? Impressive. Don't know what I'm going to do with the box of the others I bought yet. Anyways, as I was expecting a barebones keypad, and not an assembled keypad, I set about with my original plan of filling the pad with the NPKC Gradient Side-Lit caps in Sunset Blue. At the last moment swerved and kept a couple of the Fallout-Ish-keys for the function buttons, and turned it on, then accessed for configuration. Reconfiguring to my chosen loadout was painless enough, but then the pain started. While trying to set the lighting I noticed that what had become the F4 button was not responding to commands. When I would first plug the keypad in the light would synch and operate with the rest of the LEDs, but after something loaded that LED would crank the brightness and loose the hues. Then began the troubleshooting to see if the LED would respond to any hues, patterns, or behaviors as directed through the VIA lighting conditions. The answer? Kind of. The LED will generally obey SOME directions such as brightness, thus indicating the controls are operational. However, the LED won't obey instructions to completely turn off. Now, to be fair, at this point I have not contacted Drop or Idobao about this issue. Given that the problem appears to be isolated to the LED, and that I can access the board itself very easily, I can see that replacing the LED would likely require soldering I'm probably not up to the task of implementing. Likewise, I'm kind of aware that the Montex has generally been out of stock on Idobao's own site, and there haven't been any I've found outside of auctions. I also was unsuccessful in locating other users who may have dead LED's on other Montex's and if there were any known firmware flashes or VIA tweaks that could squelch the errant light. My suspicion then is that to "Fix" the faulty LED would likely require shipping the board to Idobao, and chances are all they would do is just scrap the board and send me a new one back. Given as the rest of the board is perfectly functional and the faulty LED is not entirely obnoxious when lights are on, my short-term solution was just to grab the Function keys off of a board with Artifact Bloom Dusk caps and swap with the NPKC functions. I'm mostly pleased about the end result. Afterall the Montex does fit in right next to a Keychron Q8 rather spookily. The Drop CNTRL, not so much. The question though is, would I recommend this keypad to anyone else? Well, honestly, the DOA LED on arrival makes this a rather hard sell. Off the top of my head I've used lighted keyboards from Das, Razer, Corsair, Logitech, Kinesis, Drop, and Keychron with not a single one arriving with an errant LED. So getting a board with an errant LED right out the box is rather grating. Would I use the Idobao / Kaihl Switches on another board? Oh yes, wouldn't even pause to do that.
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Jun 12, 2023
Je_SaistThis was a very well constructed review, thank you!!
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