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Oct 3, 2014
I received mine today. Everything seems to be fine with it and I have been working/typing with it since I ran home to get it. The only thing that I have a gripe about is on the keys there are some marks. Some look to be from shipping and some are from when they made them. Someone has brought this up before in this thread. Where the slot is for the stem in the key cap there is a small cross from the molding on some of the keys. Its not that big of a deal as i only look at the keys when I am learning the fn layer though.
Another thing, some people have mentioned that there is a ping noise when typing. I do not have this problem on my board maybe its the way I type or maybe those people just got an unlucky board. My switches sound exactly like a brown switch. They are very quiet and only really make a noise when/if you bottom out the keys.
Thanks Massdrop for bringing this back so that I could snag one.
Oct 3, 2014
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