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KeebMonkey Iceberg Linear Mechanical Switches

KeebMonkey Iceberg Linear Mechanical Switches

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On ice, friction is all but eliminated. On the Iceberg mechanical switches from KeebMonkey, the same holds true Read More

Jan 10, 2022
I really like the lens that sits over the LED position. I never learned how to touch type, so some shine through is helpful for typing in the evenings. Unfortunately, most shine-through PBT keycaps don't work well with most south-mounted LED PCBs (my GMMK Pro, for example.) Switches like these and the recent jellyfish clear ones tend to work much better in those situations. Is it possible to get light posts that can fit on top of other switches? Or do they have to be designed in at the start? If anyone knows of good PBT shine-through keycaps with the characters in the middle or the bottom, I'd also love to hear of it.
Nov 16, 2021
I am the designer of this switch, but I didn't expect to see them here.
Jan 8, 2022
the guy is called Keebmonkey
scottluTechnically these are manufactured by Aflion, who also sell these switches minus the KeebMonkey association - I think KM just bought a slightly customized version of the Aflion Iceberg and talked like they'd designed it. As for whether Aflion themselves stole the design, I'd be interested to know more about that.
By the way, the drop price is even cheaper than Taobao Domestic/AliExpress price. And keep in mind that the Drop price includes international shipping, local shipping, import tax, 3 times of handling fees, photographing cost, and margins for Drop.
Aug 15, 2021
KeebmonkeyMaybe its a good deal for people in the us, but for me in germany i would have to pay around 26$ shipping/taxes/fees ontop. And for 44$ i would rather look for a better switch at a local vendor...
JohnAconThen purchase them from keebmonkey
-We made this switch, we are sure that the switch is times worth the price.
Aug 15, 2021
@ThereminGoatMK Yea mate, these are only $18/$70, they're coming soon enough (show proof of your claims), etc. Back up your "gotcha" moment with some sauce.
Aug 15, 2021
kleintrptI don't think this is some kind of "gotcha" moment. Also with like 1min of googling you can find the link to the Alibaba page that backs up his claim. It's just the comment claims these are made by Keebmonkey when there not, in their second comment they correctly say they customize them. As they are a pre-existing switch made by a company that lets vendors buy their switches in bulk and customize a few different elements. The issue is the wording "we made this switch" when it was just customized by them. But on Keebmonkeys website you can see they list this as "The KeebMonkey Iceberg Switch, we customized this switch from a top manufacturer." Which is the better way to market this. So the comment saying they made this is just kind of false and weird. An possible just something lost in translation. So I think ThereminGOAT just has an issue with the way the first comment was worded. Don't know what kind of proof you want but here is the Alibaba listing for the switch. This shows the same switch and that they offer customizations for vendors. This is what Keebmonkey did, and they picked a custom spring weight and apparently different than the stock lubing method which I didn't see offered on the product page but most likely is just something that can be talked about directly with Aflion. They even said they choose not to add their name to it as it would mean custom mold so a longer lead time. Nothing about this is wrong or "Gotcha". The only issue is the claim that "They made this". It's like any other JWK recolour, just a customized switch for a vendor made by the manufacturer. Very common just from a newer manufacturer. So long as they step saying they made this and are transparent that it's a customized switch from a seller then there is no issue. They can call it the Keebmoney Iceberg no problem. There is no issue with the switch or how it's being marketed officially. The issue is with the single comment, or any time they claim "they made this". Pedantic sure, but an important distinction so as not to confuse the consumer. You will most likely see a lot more of these customized switches popping up on the market and with the ability to put your own logo on it a lot of people will be claiming they MADE IT or They DESIGNED it. Which will only make more confusion and cause issues. This is why the people who choose to be completely transparent will get the most business. Edit: I have not used this switch so I have no idea about the quality and don't have any experience with Aflion, but at its price, it seems like a decent value. But unless I'm mistaken there will be no way to film these so you won't be able to deepen their sound or tighten the housing if that's an issue with them. You would have to clean off all the lube and relube with something thicker. So this may be a great switch for non-heavy enthusiasts. I'm excited to check them out along with the rest of the vender customized versions that are sure to come out. The best comparison will be how it holds up against Gat Yellow pros(24c), Jwick Yellows(20c) and some of the cheaper KTT recolours (15c to 25c). Edit: Got mine in and there not what I expected. Much thinner lube job than I hoped. They're pretty smooth but not crazy smooth. Also, a bit more wobble than I hoped. They also don't sound much better than a stock Gat Yellow. I personally would rather buy a Gat Pro switch over these if your looking for a stock lubed switch. Wish I only grabbed 100, not 200. I'm going to have to throw them all in the ultrasonic cleaner and lube them myself. They are also way to light for me so that a spring swap as well. So they lose that budget appeal once you have to buy springs and lube.
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