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Jul 29, 2015
I am in a bad situation. I received 2 of these monitors and one works. The second only the tweeter works.
Even though Massdrop says to contact the manufacturer, Gibson (owners of KRK) say they will NOT fix my brand new monitor unless I pay for the repair because Massdrop is not an official retailer.
What do I do here? Not happy. Here are Gibson's two responses:
First Response: Massdrop is not authorized to sell KRK products, so please contact them regarding your issue. Items purchased from non-authorized dealers are not eligible for warranty coverage.
We refer non-warranty repairs to our network of authorized service centers, as we only perform warranty repairs at our manufacturer’s service facility. The service center can provide an estimate of repair costs after examining the speaker first-hand.
Please let us know the city and state of your residence so we can determine if there is a KRK authorized service provider in your area.
----- Second Response: Thanks for your reply. We do not participate in the Massdrop program, regardless of whatever their advertising copy suggests. We fully support products purchased through our authorized dealer network.
Products purchased from an non-authorized resellers do not qualify for warranty service. Your sole ‘warranty’ is whatever the reseller offers you directly.
If the reseller does not have a return/exchange policy, we have no other suggestion than to have the monitor evaluated as a non-warranty item at one of our authorized service centers.
Jul 29, 2015
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