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Magicforce MF34 Mechanical Numpad

Magicforce MF34 Mechanical Numpad

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Product Description
Taking a popular peripheral in more than one new direction, the Magicforce MF34 Mechanical Numpad adds full-sized directional arrow keys to a traditional numpad layout for even more functionality where it counts. That makes the MF34 a great addition to a variety of compact boards—none of which feature number pads, and many of which push the arrow keys into a cluster (if they have them at all) Read More
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Jul 18, 2023
Is the Kailh Blue Cream, the Cream Blueberry? I can't seem to find that specific name
Jul 22, 2023
Same, I'm only pulling up a "Box Blueberry Ice Cream Pro" which is a POM/POM/POM linear "gaming" switch with 1.1mm/3.5mm activation/total travel and ~40gf weighting via an extended spring. Probably valuable for use as a gaming macro pad, but not exactly something I'd personally be able to stand on a numpad from INCESSANT unintentional input and unsure keystrokes, hahaha. With only three days left to decide on ordering, we certainly need better clarification on the switch options from @Drop to help potential buyers both experienced and new to have confidence in making an informed purchase.
Can we get some clarity on what "blue cream" is?
Jul 19, 2023
Any chance of getting it in black ? If yes I'll take a few
Jul 18, 2023
Will there be a black version? I’m in love, but would prefer black!!