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Apr 9, 2018
The mesh does not appear to be of quality. It is already degrading after the very short period of time that i have had the chair. the headrest is a bit odd, maybe uncomfortable overall. Not a solid chair for long period sitting because of the lack of comfort in the upper back for me. The little lower to mid back support helps, but it is very minor. In addressing this concern, the easiest option was to use my old chair cushion for your back that was made out of poor quality memory foam lol. but it has done a better job for comfort during long hours of use. The locking mechanism works, but it is concerning about the longevity because as you sit against the lock, and as you move especially in the chair, you will notice some popping. So i think it will degrade and break down or stop working at some point. I just left it in locked full upright position as having it even at a slight recline will result in that issue. arms are alright. i like the adjustment of it. I can see it being too short for some people, especially idf you use the cushion. my rating: 4.1/10 comfort: 6.5/10 durability: 2/10 build quality: 2/10 aesthetics: 7/10
UPDATE: Locking mechanism that locks the chairs back broke after normal use. This is an official highly recommended buyers beware. Have contacted consumer affairs along with a few others. Do not by any means purchase this chair. Massdrop is took the money and ran. It seems they were made aware that these chairs were going to be an issue, implicated from staff interaction, thus not giving a warranty.
Mesh is falling apart for the seat portion after long hours of use and time. Chair wobbles right and left even after trying to tighten the screws more. This chair broke after a few months of use. Was supposed to be a main replacement chair that was intended to last for over a year. After the third problem with massdrop, I am officially done with this company.
Apr 9, 2018
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