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Massdrop x Koss KSC75X On-Ear Headphones

Massdrop x Koss KSC75X On-Ear Headphones

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Working out, staying in, or getting out of town—the lightweight, sport-friendly KSC75X headphones will keep the music going every step of the way. A revision of the company’s KSC75 model, this collaboration has the same clip-on, on-ear style, now with a custom midnight blue colorway and a one-touch remote for controlling tracks and taking calls Read More

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Aug 2, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening, Critical Listening, Gaming, Movies & TV
Music Genres:Classical, Electronic, Hip-hop, Jazz, Metal, Pop, R&B, Rock
checkVerified Buyer
Incredible sounds quality, subpar build quality.
The audio quality is amazing, one of the best headphones I've ever owned, but after 7 months of use, the left audio channel stopped working. The plastic is extremely flimsy and the wire feels like it could be cut if you just strain it accidentally by forgetting them in your ears and standing up. The mic quality is ok, nothing to write about besides that it works, which is all I needed. Would've given it 5 stars if this wasn't my second pair that stopped working only after a few months, the first one I had stopped working only after 3 months. And with both of them, the problem was a bad solder.
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Jul 19, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening, Gaming
Music Genres:Country, Electronic, Hip-hop, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Rock, World
checkVerified Buyer
very satified
cheap but offer great sound, needs no amp, comfortable ear clips (not all ear clips are comfortable, looking at you, audio-technica). build quality is ok, the plastic doesn't feel very conviencing, yet they're without headband so there's no band to break. and the color is better than the original.
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Jul 17, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening
Music Genres:Classical, Jazz, Rock
checkVerified Buyer
Truly epic sound and comfort
The phones are just a perfect blend of sound quality and comfort. But be warned that the cable tangles seemingly without even touching it and gets hooked around the ear loops. Really not recommended for on the move listening.
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Jul 11, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening
Music Genres:Electronic, Hip-hop, Jazz, R&B, Rock, World
checkVerified Buyer
affordable not cheap
these sound very good. the cable is thin. I might try a replaceable cable modification.
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Jul 8, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening
Music Genres:Metal, Rock
checkVerified Buyer
What a throwback
Love the nostalgia! Audio quality for 20 bucks is stellar - the mic is pretty garbage if you're hoping for hands-free but I assumed that already and just got them to wear on flights etc.
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Jun 27, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening
Music Genres:Electronic, Pop, Rock, World
checkVerified Buyer
A big surprise
I was very surprised at first listening. It sounds more expensive than it is. Because of dimensions, bass is louder than on IEMs and everything is more convincing. Downside is I always have a feeling it is gonna fall off. It is flimsily, but lightweight at the same time, it never happened. It looks cheap (it is). The cables are not interchangeable.
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Jun 9, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening, Gaming
Music Genres:Electronic, Pop, R&B, Rock
checkVerified Buyer
Fun to mod and listen to
Parts Express band and Yaxi pads make these comfortable and sound great. Very easy to rewire as well. They're $20 headphones so don't expect the world from them but KSC75's are famous for a reason.
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Jun 4, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening, Gaming, Movies & TV
Music Genres:Jazz, Pop, World
checkVerified Buyer
Insane for this price
Aside from build quality (something had to give!), if you handed these to me to try I'd say they sound $50+. Sounds great with funk, pop, and podcasts. Start to strain limitations a bit with complex genres with open space (jazz, etc). Stick on my ears pretty good for gym workouts, maybe not for high impact/jogging. Wires are very very thin after split. Almost zero noise isolation.
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Activities:Casual Listening, Gaming
Music Genres:Electronic, Hip-hop, Pop, Rock
checkVerified Buyer
Well deserved hype
Honestly sounds great as people said it does, preforms really great in gaming being able to keep up with my $400 gaming headset (Arctis Nova Pro Wireless) but the Arctis still edges it out but that comparison is still insane, and for music listening its great but could use a little more power for some songs wired to the phone. Best headphones for gaming under $100
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May 16, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening, Gaming
Music Genres:Pop, Rock
checkVerified Buyer
Awesome for the money
I've been wearing them for over a month now and i can day that they are worth every peny, just wishing there was an official version of these without a fixed cable. Even so, buy them if you can.
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