Massdrop x Meze 99 Noir Closed-Back Headphones
Massdrop x Meze 99 Noir Closed-Back Headphones
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A regular fixture on InnerFidelity’s Wall of Fame, PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice section, and award lists around the world, the 99 Classics get a dark new look in the 99 Noir. Made in collaboration with Meze Audio, these headphones update the original medium-brown finish with a deep matte espresso and swap the gold hardware for more understated black Read More

Nov 25, 2020
Where is my new 99? How long should we wait?
Nov 13, 2020
My first pair had a tiny bit of mold on the case and one of the 2.5mm plug sockets was defective, second one the case was covered in mold and some was also on the headphones. FYI.
Nov 13, 2020
Yep. My case was covered in mold as well. The mold started growing inside the case through the zipper. Can't believe this happened. Never in the years I've bought headphones has this ever happened to me. Got a return shipping label and refund though.
Nov 12, 2020
i neeed these to come back
Nov 10, 2020
When will these be back in stock?
Nov 9, 2020
I too noticed an imbalance in the drivers where the left side seem to be louder and has more bass distortion on certain source. Straight out of the box they were unlistenable. After some burn-in time they settle a bit and mellowed down a little. Tried the two pad options and the smaller pad with the heavier foam tame down the mid bass resonance but overall made the headphone sound recessed with the imbalance still very obvious. Right now, I have inserted a felt pad insert that I got from my Dan Clark Aeons on the left side only and it's doing enough to tune the mid bass down on the left. On some music they sound great. Will see what further burning-in will help. So far 20hrs in and they recommend at least 40 hours.
Nov 9, 2020
Added another 12 hours of burning in yesterday. A mix of normal listening and pink noise. The sound have developed some more it seems.
Oct 26, 2020
Can anyone using Brainwavz or Yaxi pads with the 99's tell me - are you able to install them in the groove the OEM pads use or are you pulling them over the sides / onto the wood? I'm having a tough time getting 3rd party pads to fit like the OEM's do, maybe it's not possible
Oct 22, 2020
I have recently received my 99 Noir in Peru, but sadly they've como defective. They have an unbearable distortion/vibration on the left speaker with all vocals independently of the source I use. Does Drop have customer support for this issues? They are unusable.
Oct 31, 2020
i have the same issue too on the bass but not sure about the vocals.
Nov 18, 2020
I too have the imbalance on the left driver. It's much louder and bass is more boomy to a point you can feel the difference between the left and right side. What I've done to fix this is to open up the left driver cover by removing the four torx screws and you'll see a piece of foam behind the driver. I added a piece of cotton wool behind this foam piece in the earcup and put the driver back together. I only did this to the left side. It tamed down the bass on the left and removed the imbalance to a point that it's a great listening pair of headphones now.
Oct 20, 2020
I don't want to stir up any controversy, but I picked up the silver-plated upgrade cable, and I think it does a really great job of refining the 99 Noir. Whatever mojo silver works on the Meze's sound, it's a pretty fantastic pairing. Helps make them more scalable with higher end portable gear, and given me a better appreciation for this design. The other crucial word being portable. It's incredibly efficient. (50 mW max power?) Giving it too much power makes the bass bloom even further. So using it on low gain (and single-ended!) tends to yield the best results.
Oct 18, 2020
Oct 18, 2020
Are they built with actual, real wood earcups? Walnut stained I believe. Anybody owns these, confirm this please?
Oct 21, 2020
yeah, real wood
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