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Jan 13, 2017
We are very excited about the interest that's already been shown so far and there have been a lot of great questions. We've put together an FAQ that we'll keep updated on the main description page as well as this comment. ________________________
Is the cable removable?
Yes, the cable is removable and replaceable.
Does the PC37X work for console gaming (PS4, Xbox One, etc.) or mobile?
Yes, however, you will need an adapter or a separate cable. The included cable ends in two jacks (headphone & microphone) whereas most consoles/phones have one port that takes a TRRS (4 pole) AHJ/CTIA standard 3.5mm jack.
If you want an adapter, something similar to this one (*1) should work.
If you want something more sleek, you can get a cable that plugs straight into the headset and ends with a TRRS jack. Something similar to this one (*2) would work.
Is there a limited amount of units available?
Yes. We are finalizing the quantities with Sennheiser and will share more details once we confirm the limits. We are working to get as many units as possible given the strong response from the community. With that said, there are already more requests than the amount that will likely be available for the first drop.
Update: We are limited to 1,200 units for the first drop.
Will this drop be available internationally? What will be the shipping price internationally?
Yes, the drop will be available to all international countries that Massdrop ships to. International shipping will be around $15.
What are the drivers in the PC37X?
The Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X uses the same drivers as the Sennheiser PC 373D.
How is the mic quality? The PC37X has one of the best mics among headsets that we’ve tested. Most complaints for gaming headset mics are a result of either hardware issues (manufacturers using cheaper parts or making suboptimal design decisions) or software issues (manufacturers adding an on-board soundcard or proprietary software that performs poorly). On the hardware side, the PC37X contains a mic that is designed specifically by Sennheiser (which has extensive experience as a microphone developer and manufacturer) for high-volume, low-distance recording. On the software side, the PC37X has no signal processing and outputs straight into the mic jack on your motherboard or soundcard, therefore avoiding any potential issues.
We will continue to add to the FAQ as more questions arise.
*1: *2 :
Jan 18, 2017
richardgaoWhere else can we find the cable options that are proposed in this post? The ones on the links posted are out of stock.
Thank you.
Mar 16, 2017
richardgaoWhere will they be shipped from? I would have to factor in import tax if they are shipped from outside the EU.
Jun 17, 2017
richardgaois it Mac compatible?
Jun 30, 2017
richardgaoAre the ear pads removable?
Jul 3, 2017
richardgaoWhat is the actual weight of this headset, excluding cable? (And this should be listed in Specs, please!)
Jul 3, 2017
KreylixFound it elsewhere: 12.5 oz. That is not lightweight.
Aug 5, 2017
richardgaoAre they 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound like their PC 373D brethren?
GilkoHello Gilko, The Sennheiser PC37X does not have a built-in DSP for converting Dolby 7.1 to a binaural mix. Some games have a built-in option for headphone binaural sound, but for all other PC games, movies, and even if you'd like the sense of music coming from in front of you, we would recommend getting the PC373D with the USB dongle that can process a Dolby 7.1 signal, or an external DSP with your PC37X such as our GSX 1000.
The GSX 1000 product page:
Dec 13, 2017
SennheiserHi Sennheiser is there a way you could get me one of these I live in the Philippines and your online store doesn't ship in our country amazon doesn't have this on their listing and non in our audiophile stores offers this product, so it would be great if I could get one of these I wouldn't be able to use my pc37x since my laptop only has a single port of headset and mic combo
Dec 13, 2017
richardgaohi there can you help me get my hands on one of these I won't be able to use my pc37x because my laptop only has a single port for both headset and mic
it would be much appreciated if you could help me get that console cable
btw I live in the Philippines and sennheiser's online store doesn't ship in our country it is also not listed in amazon, lazada or newegg
Mar 8, 2018
richardgaowhy does it needs drivers ??? is it compatible with Linux ?
RaonixThe PC37X doesn’t require software drivers, it connects to the analog 3.5mm (1/8”) mini headphone jack present on most computers, music players, and smartphones.
The small speakers inside headphones are referred to as drivers.
Mar 23, 2018
SennheiserIm still trying to get my hands into one of these for me to be able to use it
Please help me out I live in the Philippines BTW
ejlucianoYour best bet for an authorized dealer in the Philippines will be Audio Video Solutions You would want to contact them directly and have them special order the UNP Console cable. Otherwise, you will have to use a shipping forwarding service.
ejlucianoThe other option would be to use any adapter cable that splits the TRRS 3.5mm port into two TRS jacks with audio out and mic in. For example, on amazon:
Apr 18, 2018
Apr 18, 2018
SennheiserPlease next time include it in the packages so we could actually choose on which one to use or atleast add an option when we are at the checkout of the massdrop website
Jul 19, 2018
richardgaoWhere are these made?
Jul 19, 2018
SennheiserWhere are these made?
Jul 23, 2018
ejlucianohey why don't try get it in amazon? and use shipping cart.
Aug 17, 2018
Sennheisermy cable has frayed on the headphone end... can this be replaced under warranty.. can't register my product..
MendaxxxxzOur warranty terms and service are viewable at this link:
Registering a product for service is easy, if you have the sales receipt or warranty certificate as proof of purchase. Proof of purchase must state the date of purchase and name of the product. Unless you submit proof of purchase, which will be verified by your local Sennheiser service partner, you will be obliged to pay for any repairs that are carried out.
You can reach out to be contacted personally about your case by using this website and filling out the form:
Fortunately, the cable is removable and easily replaceable, and low cost, so even if the wear on your cable is out of warranty, you can buy a replacement here: Or the shorter cable for console use, available here:
Aug 17, 2018
SennheiserYou can't register it as you cannot use PC37X as the product identifier
MendaxxxxzUnderstood, please use the contact form linked above, select the PC 373D or GAME ONE product from the pull-down menu, and write a description of your request (for the PC37X) in the message field.
The receipt emailed to you from Massdrop will serve as proof of purchase, and validate the warranty.
Sep 4, 2018
richardgaoDoes this product has international warranty or do I have to send it back to US for repairs?
Oct 4, 2018
SennheiserThank you for this reply! The shorter console cable is out of stock; does the website stock them up often?
Jan 26, 2019
richardgaoIs this the last PC37X drop?
Feb 11, 2019
rjarceoYes, it the ear pads are removable.
Jul 22, 2019
richardgaoYou want a question i bet a lot of you thought about? Do the Mass drop PC37X work with Dolby Atmos? *waits for a response*
IgnitionIf you have a separate processor that decodes Dolby Atmos and converts it to Binaural Stereo (these devices do exist), then the answer is yes. The headset itself doesn’t include any digital processing, but you can connect it to a DSP such as our Sennheiser GSX 1000 (which the PC recognizes as a 7.1 surround device, and then you wouldn’t even need Dolby to get surround to your headphones).
Aug 4, 2019
richardgaoIs the mic detachable? Can you use the headset as just a regular pair of headphones?
Sep 4, 2019
KreylixThat is very lightweight I've tested many headsets and its one ofthe lightest ones I've used
Oct 12, 2019
richardgaoOpen back or closed back?
Alejo73Hello, these are open-backed headphones. @Blue_boi The microphone is permanently attached, however it can flip up and out of the way for normal home or office useage (cool offices anyway).
Jan 22, 2020
richardgaoThere is no option to ship the cables to Canada and there are also no retailers in Canada.
Dec 14, 2020
richardgaoCan these headphones be used as a simple listen/talk device for video calls?
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