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Mechcables Laser Custom-Sleeved USB Cable

Mechcables Laser Custom-Sleeved USB Cable

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Product Description
From the same folks who brought you the Miami Dolch and Dasher & Dancer cables, these are designed to pair with the GMK Laser keycaps. Made by hand from 28-AWG tinned copper wire, this cyberpunk-inspired USB cable features an aluminum Mylar wrap beneath a braided copper shielding Read More

Jan 21, 2022
Selling my dual combo coil cable (usc c to usb a)
Aug 21, 2020
anyone wana sell
Mar 13, 2020
Anyone know how much these cost?
Nov 11, 2019
This cable is not the one I need or thought I bought. How do I return it? There were no instruction about returns or the company information included with the order! It has been a long time for an expensive cable!
Aug 21, 2020
JAVBhow much u want for it
May 31, 2019
Possible to get the coil in the purple and the remainder of cord in the pink?
May 26, 2019
Have these been fixed to actually work with USB-C this time? I see it's still an option but based on the comments from its last release, plenty of people were left upset. Also can we get any actual confirmation on ALT/CTRL support? The other cable drop that ended a couple days ago only stated that it "should" work. I'd like these to actually be tested before I jump on board.
aklorianThey'll work with it but longer normal size cables may not be able to power the LEDs to maximum brightness (coils add ~5ft of cable so keep that in mind). Jumbo cables will be able to power the keyboard completely since they're 24AWG pwr/gnd instead of 28AWG with normal 550 paracord cables. The issue with USB C connectors not fitting has been addressed and won't happen again - sorry that you were affected :(
Jan 30, 2019
Extremely disappointed with this drop. My cable arrived today and the USB-C ports are completely unusable. If you look at the port, it's mashed together so the male USB-C pin can not fit. Extremely poor QA on this as I can see others have had the same issue. MD Support were very kind and refunded the order for me, as well as providing me with a $10 credit - I think they handled that well considering how upsetting this experience was.

A community member
Jan 17, 2019
Just received my 2 cables that I ordered months ago and both of the USB-C ports do not work. They will not fit in any USB-C ports - including the MassdropALT keyboard and my brand new Macbook Pro. another defective USB-C cable from massdrop. I wish there was better QC on these cables because this is the 5th order I have had to send back for stupid reasons.
A community member
Jan 17, 2019
so are you able to fix it yourself? How so? Please tell me they are able to give you a refund on this. I have yet to hear back from Support.
Jan 17, 2019
only 5 bucks partial refund if i choose to fix myself fixing is not that hard just peel off the tubing on type-c connector and desoldering and replace type-c
Jan 8, 2019
Got mine in Sept. didn’t start using it until this month.... already dead.
Jan 7, 2019
Would there happen to be any updates on shipping for these? Are they likely to be shipped on time?
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